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Logical Dungeons in RPGs

I think that it would only require a little bit of creative thinking to create puzzles that follow the theme of the dungeon and circumstances. In a cave, how about a puzzle that's a monster?

In that respect, RPGs can take a hint from puzzle and action games... I'm thinking of certain sequences where the hero in an action game would follow a villian to the top floor where a bomb had been placed, and the player suddenly had to disarm the bomb, but first, a kidnapped scientist somewhere who was forced to wire the bomb has the schematics...

You can always have conjure up scenarios that match the activity. But sometimes in an RPG setting, that's more difficult.

Does there have to be a hostage and a bomb at every location you arrive at?

Even if you just talk about the dungeon in between two towns in an RPG adventure. For example, a forest between Town A and B.

It might be totally illogical for this forest to be a total maze. I mean, how do normal civilians get thru to Town B?

You could set it up that the forest is easy to pass through normally, but it's blocked off by the evil empire's army or whatever. Instead, you have to go through some less traversed cavern inhabited by foul creatures, and boom there's your dungeon. But do you need to find an excuse to block off major roads between every single town? At some point, the mazy forest might be more believable than some of the scenarios you wind up with.

Really, the best option is to have a world that is inherently difficult to travel across. Such that nobody can normally travel it. Then, the difficulties are more sensible. That, however, dramatically changes the type of world you can develop.

ideas for my first game please.


Could make a short tech demo with Outlaw Pikachu as the protagonist.

ideas for my first game please.

Make a non-linear western rpg shooter starring a black-colored pikachu with sunglasses, a trenchcoat and twin 8mm pistols, who can target the individual body parts of enemy pokemon using Lightning Time to slow down combat and aim

If you're down to make it. I'm down to make it.

A few words on game submissions.

Only 4/25??

Requests for Deckiller to review your game

Deckyyy, want to review my game, Neo Jado?

We could do a review exchange. I'll write another comedic one like the Zephyr review I wrote a year ago.

RPG Maker 2003/ Request For Links

Annnnddddd this is point where no one will help fulfill your request.

Why your name?


I always loved the artstyle from langrisser and growlanser.

Your thoughts on games based on a certain comic or manga?

What do you think about this topic? I personally love manga and would like to make a game based on the BLACK CAT manga series one day, but i would like to see what some people think about some one making a game based around a comic or a manga. It would be interesting if someone made an actual RPG based on fairy tail.

Depends on the quality of the reproduction.

Couple things to keep in mind in terms of direction are... how much do you cater to fans of the source material, and how much do you want it to appeal to wide audience?

Personally, I think if you make a fan game, make it as true to the source as possible.

Anyway, absolutely just go for it, if that's what you want to do.


Actually, I think it's more like...

"By the power of Grayskull! I have the power!"

How to check if a key is being held down?

Under the branch Attack - 3. At the end of that section, but not inside the branch for "Time until defend = 15."

So, I'm not sure, but it looks like you need to put it right under the Variable 0010 "Enemy hurt animation counter" Set 0 near the bottom.

Make sure you turn the switch off first, then end the process, otherwise the process will run through one more time.