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Ara Fell is Live!

Success! I bought it on Steam, will be playing this weekend.

Now time for R3P to be complete, amirite?


It's definitely not a popularity thing. My game is also going lightweight on the feedback. I don't know why that is, either. RMN's visit count is up 50-100% year over year.

I'll have to analyze how the visibility of games is working/not working.

Less forum userbase, more random visitor base, maybe?

Maybe only the userbase that knows you and knows of SE are following closely? And maybe, random site visitors are skipping over this because of the engine, in favor of games made on newer ones. Which would explain your download count. I mean your blog blew up with responses within minutes. Somebody's paying attention.

Dunno, though.

Home stretch

How's that coming along? Can't wait to try it. Haven't heard from you since you beta tested for me.

Bonus Art

I'm finishing up Sledge. I'll post him tomorrow.

I don't know about Jado's group for now. That'll have to wait for various reasons. One being that group would be really hard to do, and two being that I'm mostly working on girls, lol.

Might do Fulton, though he's not featured much early on.

Bonus Art

So which character do y'all want to see next? (main characters... I'm not doing one for someone random when there's a million something named characters)

Bonus Art

This blog has taken a turn for the perverted. I can do more of these, but you're not getting the gratuitous lingerie shot ala Forever's End.

Basically a bunch of screenshots

You do a great job splicing and dicing resources from different sources to get that gritty modern look. I love it.

Quick stuff

So, Neo Jado was nominated for a few categories for the 2012 Misaos: Best Characters, Best Setting, Most Promising Demo, and a few others I think. I'm not sure how this works, but it looks like the voting period is this month. You get one vote per category for each user. If anyone's interested, you can access the voting ballot from the events section.

Back to work

Will we be playing with new characters in those locations?

You bet.

New locales means new casts of NPCs too, though. Still a lot of writing to do for all of them.

Back to work

Whenever I try to access the options menu on the main menu, it exit's me out of the game. I hover over it and then press enter. How do I access the options menu? Thanks in advance, and thank you guys for making this game. :D

Oh, man. I totally forgot about that.

There actually aren't any options. It's a gag meant for RM users who know (but happen to forget) that the third option in the default title screen is always Exit Game, regardless of what you call it.

Sorry about that inconvenience, but it definitely made my day that we got somebody with that one. And thanks for playing. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you get duped many more times while playing.
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