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Back to work

Haven't updated in a while.

We're compiling and editing a bunch of new resources. The next chapters have three totally different settings... Parsia, Jugand, and the Kumiko Confederation. That's desert, permafrost, and tropical environments.

Quite a wide variety needed before we can get into the meat of things, and almost zero carry over from the standard medieval fantasy setting so far.

Back to work

Okay, clearing out some outdated screens, and updating the selection today, mostly from the demo, though.

However several of them will be previews from the next installment.

I need to do something about those youtube videos, too.

Also added to the characters sections.

Back to work

Speaking of female characters, is Abigail gonna make the playable roster? I have a sneaky feeling that under her clumsy facade belies an expert fighter. I mean, she does come from a famous family of knights.


As for how many playable characters, it started tentatively at 9. That number's gonna go up and down as we go along. Some characters are critical to the story, but just have no business being in combat, so we'll drop them from that list. Others were created as side characters and have since emerged as break out characters.

Free movement is so hard to balance when there's urgent story linearity going on. The party isn't exactly on an adventure. But we do eventually want more exploration.

As for the actions scenes... that's what we do.

Monstrous Wars V1.02 Notes

Your main download is still listed as the older version, just in case you didn't notice. I grabbed the 1.02 from the download section. Pretty excited to check it out.

Love and War: Act I OUT!

Hey, do I need a font to add for this? I feel like I'm having a font problem.

Love and War: Act I OUT!

Release Day

ARGH!!! Missing another file!

You can find it here if you've already downloaded.

Sledge - Cloak

Unzip and the file inside belongs in the charaset folder.

It's fairly later in the game, hence only one person noticed it so far, a day after I first released. But EVERYONE will run into this problem, not just a few.

If you redownload the game. You should be able to take your save right out of the old folder. It's called "Save01.lsd, Save02.lsd, etc" and put it in the new folder, for those of you who don't already know that.

Release Day

Okay, so some players had trouble with a certain faceset name, causing some gamebreaking crashes. So I went back and replaced the faceset and reuploaded the game. Should be working. Let me know if there's any other problems.

Closing In on the Release Day

Excited. Or breathless with anticipation, if I'm feeling dramatic.