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Slight delay, but looking for testers.

Sorry for the wait. It's about ready to go. Wednesday, I'll package the release for the testers. I guess we got three testers, which should be plenty.

I plan on separating a couple puzzles, minigames, and timed courses for testing. I can have that out tomorrow. Mostly because they need to be tested for difficulty.

Let me know if you're still available, I know I requested testers a couple weeks ago. I didn't realize how much longer it would take to finish the loose ends, but it's ready now.

Dragon's Tear is no more..

I was staring at my notices like... wtf is Among Thieves and when did I subscribe to that?

Almost there

@D - The too low level to skip, but do get a bonus for correct command is a solid idea. I haven't thought much into that kind of detail because there's currently not enough open world freedom to advance to higher level places. Dungeon crawl is fairly minimal. Maybe I could use that concept to indicate to the gamer that their party is underleveled at the moment?

@Zadok - This Green/Purple indicator is by far the most simple version that we're employing. For the most part, the enemies that chase you are skippable. If they're just standing guarding something, then no. And yes, they do respawn.

Enter the Dream Palace!


Wall climbing doesn't just add a vertical element to level design. It adds a sense of freedom of movement.

Even something as simple as hopping across a gap in FFX makes the gamer feel unrestricted by the standard RPG limitations. In my opinion, different movement elements encourages curiosity when exploring. It enhances the game experience.


Hope y'all like the new look profile. It's not pretty or anything, but it should be a little easier to read.

This might be an early announcement but...

Hell yeah.

Mak gam > college.

Can't wait.

Battles Redone

We'll take any suggestions for creative attacks, too. If you've seen our cutscenes, you know we like to get carried away. And we'd love to translate that into our battles.

Review by "NOACCEPTANCE772"

That was probably before Soli.

The game has not been can'd

83,000 page views, 127 subscribers ( you need a profile to subscribe)

Do count how many people lashed out at your game. If it's less than 100, then there's still thousands of people interested.

Don't let the haters phase you; you don't make your game for them.

The game has not been can'd

The number of people who play a game = 1000x the number of people who actively comment and criticize a game.

There's probably hundreds and hundreds of people who loved your game. More than a handful or so of harsh critics.

Keep that in mind when you mock your 'loyal' fans.