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Super RMN All-Stars Review

dat makerscore.

Thanks for doing a review! I appreciate the fact that you took the time to write a blurb on every single level.

The last two Super RMN reviews were done by level. I figured that was the new standard way of reviewing these.

Neo Jado Review

You didn't hear music in Borton? There should be. "LoD - Royal Capital", which is from Legend of Dragoon.

If you're missing the file, it would have crashed.

As for the minigame stuff, I rebuilt it already. Tossed the DBS. All custom with a custom menu for skills, too.

We need to get some testers together to try it out before we throw it back into the early chapters. It's a smaller task than most people might think. There's so little DBS in there, especially very little to rebalance. We pretty much need to delete the old monster events and replace with the CBS ones. It's common events heavy. Soon as that's all done, we'll re-release Episode 1.

Which did you like better, the comedic stuff or the main story?

Neo Jado Review

I feel like making character statistics/equipment and restorative items still count will be the biggest hurdle. Maybe building a intuitive group dynamic, too. Other than that, it's probably not that radical a transition considering that it's already minigame heavy.

As for the review, I agree with everything in it. Accurate representation.

The only thing I'm sad about is that there was no mention made of the music selection.
I take pride in that stuff. =(

Neo Jado Review

Catches me off guard too.
*opens SMBX*

Working on it right now.

If you made it through Borton, I'd like to hear what you have to say about the Deril hideout and the Cave boss minigame.

We've been contemplating throwing out the basic combat system (boring, unintuitive, and almost token anyway), and focusing on gameplay through an actiony CBS, where the party statistics/equipment still come into play(e.g. Phenix HP = minigame HP).

In my opinion, traditional RPG combat needs several things to thrive. The main thing it needs is a consistent party. That consistent party is not very compatible with our story, which takes precedence over everything else.

Neo Jado Review

Holy wow, that was fast. Thanks for the review. I honestly wasn't expecting it within hours. Did you manage to finish the game?

Boutalles Review

Doesn't the time limit for the project have a lot to do with that?

Time and effort are resources to be allocated. It's pretty clear to me how this game was oriented.

I guess... for me, I prefer a silly nonstory over poorly written drama. At least this way, I can enjoy the combat mechanics without cringing every time someone opens their mouth.

Boutalles Review

Yeah, I felt the game needed more accessible tutorials.

One piece of feedback I failed to mention in the review: inputting combos required very irregular timings. As far as I could tell, if your inputs were way ahead of the skills being triggered onscreen, the next input would not register. Or maybe it's while the extra skills are being called? I'm not entirely sure.

So if I hit a combo like A, B, A, B, A... but I hit it too fast, it might appear as A, B, B, A... because it failed to register the A while the combo was catching up. Obviously, if I hit it too slow, the combo resets. I'd suggest to allow the full sequence to be inputted regardless of where the combo is at.

Then again, the irregular timing forced me to memorize the rhythm of each combo, and maybe that's a plus, instead of a negative.

As for the characters, I'd love to see that party again, in any fashion.

Rise of the Third Power Review

Just one review. A fantastic review, I might add.

This game had the best character interaction dialogue of any game I've ever seen in the medium of rpgs, indie or professional. Tales games being the closest.

I absolutely love Badluck's games.

Super RMN Bros. 2 Review

They also changed the way you become weaker when taking damage. In SMW a hit only drops you one level (small -> big -> power up, yoshi addition at any stage and is recoverable) while SMBX follows the NES Marios where any hit except with Yoshi/Goomba Shoe will knock you down straight to small Mario. This causes two hits to be enough to kill the player 99% of the time instead of three which does make a big difference.

I did notice that. I'm not familiar with the editor, though. I dunno what suggestions are feasible.

Super RMN Bros. 2 Review

As far as the stages go, there's nothing wrong with more gimmicky or puzzle type levels. To be honest, they're more memorable.

For some suggestions, I'd say...

1.) For levels that are too helter skelter, I'd suggest increasing the number of mushrooms available, as opposed to just making the level easier to pass through. I'm pretty sure this is what Nintendo did for the real games on those crazy fast pace levels.

2.) For puzzle levels, reduce or eliminate enemies around the main puzzle(s). It can be chaotic from puzzle to puzzle, but it's frustrating getting killed in the middle of solving a puzzle. This is sort of a philosophy carried over from RPGs. Nobody likes random encounters while they're running around pulling levels and pushing boxes. It tends to take away from the puzzle more than it adds difficulty.

Crystal Cave did a good job of this. The pattern was... a set of enemies - uninterrupted puzzle - another set of enemies - uninterrupted puzzle - check point. The problem was, after the checkpoint, I had no idea how to work the little gadget. What that level needed was...

3) More tips at the beginning of levels. I'm willing to bet that a number of gamers had no idea how to even attempt some of these levels. Switch Madness 2 was one. I knew what I was doing, but it certainly would help some people if a toad explained to them how the switches worked. Same goes for any of the gimmicks.

Skull Lake was an example of an underwater level with great flow and rhythm, but then I got to some wall obstacle and had no idea how to proceed.

4) On normal levels, try to limit scenarios that slow you down in a bad way. For example, requiring the gamer to jump max height onto a single block to proceed. It breaks up the flow of the level.

Having to stop and time your jumps through an intricate weave of enemies is an example of slowing you down in a good way.

That's a start. I'll post more later.
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