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TV Studio Camera

So, I ran into another roadblock with my limited sprite skills. I'm trying to portray a television studio, including the studio camera. Something like this:

I'm going for a sideview, where the camera is facing left or right. I'm using rm2k3. I can't imagine the camera being bigger than 32x24.

My attempts to date have been unsatisfactory. Can anyone help?

Screen tint on battle animations

Okay, so in 2k3, I do the thing where your battler disappears and the character is included in the battle animation of the weapon for all of my characters.

And the flexibility is great.

I have one problem. Battle animations aren't affected by the in game screen tint. So whenever it's nighttime or anything, I get this:



They're normal tinted despite the nighttime fire lighting. The same happens for any battle pose that I use an animation for, such as victory poses.

What can I do about it?

Battle animations

Using 2k3, I'm switching to battle animations for character poses in battle for the added flexibility. I set up the animations at dead center of the 96x96 and center of the target zone, assuming the poses worked like they do with a battle animation on a target.

For some reason, they didn't. When I switched the pose type to battle animation and tested it in battle, I noticed that the target zone location of the animations was slightly above. About 16 above what I assumed would be the spot.

It's not a terrible inconvenience for me in that I have to make separate animation sets for the poses anyway, but I was wondering why that was the case.

Is there any reason the animation isn't centered on your character? Also if it's supposed to be off, how off is it exactly so I know for future reference?

Caution Wet Floor sign

I don't normally make requests for this kind of thing. I usually just make whatever I need myself, but I've been struggling with this one mightily.

I'm trying to make a low res (rm2k3) depiction of one of these:

Around 16x24 or skinnier, the black lettering obviously doesn't have to be discernible.

Every attempt I've made at this has turned out something like a banana peel, or worse. I just can't get the 3d angle right, but I also wasn't satisfied with the easier depiction that's straight on or sideways. This 45 degree is what I'm looking for.

Any pixel artists out there willing to help me out real quick?


Pretty simple question. How would I simulate confetti for a victory parade? I'm using rm2k3.

I'm assuming it'll be by using multiple pictures, but I can't figure out how to give it authentic falling movement.

One of my concerns is how to shape the pictures so that it doesn't look like snow. And since I'm looking to make yellow confetti, avoiding yellow snow.

I'm sure someone's tried this before. Any ideas?

Favorite RPG story and why?

Title says it all.

Well, except that I would have you try to ignore some of your total gaming experience ( gameplay, balancing, graphics, etc) and focus specifically on the story.

Character personality/development/interactions can be included in story/writing. Personally, I rate this higher than the overarching story most of the time.

Okay, go.


I gotta ask. How do you guys churn out so many maps? Especially quality maps.

Any techniques you use? Templates? Draw the map before you make it? Anything that helps you make them faster?

I know I'm bad at visualising how the pieces can be used, but I'm just talking about volume here.

I have such trouble making many maps that I try and get lots of mileage out of each one. Sometimes I see gorgeous maps in rm games that you spend a grand total of 10 seconds in.

rm2k3 programming help

Hey, I'm need some help with a problem I have in rm2k3, specifically the battle animations for weapons.

I'm doing the thing where you have your battlecharaset fade out, and the weapon animation includes your character walking over to the enemy and doing the attack.

No problems there, it works just fine. One thing I noticed was that a particular weapon can only be used by one character. I couldn't figure out a way for a specific weapon to have two different attack animations for two different characters.

For the most part, this wasn't a problem either, except for one detail. I have a character who constantly changes between one outfit and another (it's a suit of armor he wears). I wanted to maintain the exact same character, all stats, equipment, etc between the two. I have a common event which transfers all his stats/equipment over.

So my problem is a sword meant for the character without armor won't have the proper attack animation for a sword meant for the same guy wearing armor.

If there's a way to have the same weapon do two different attack animations let me know, that would make everything easier.

If not - what are my options?

Not having armor and no armor versions of the same character is not an option. Any help/suggestions?

Visual appeal vs other content

First off, my last thread was a total disaster. I tried to start a discussion, clearly making a mistake including a video of mine, and the response was split down the middle between compliments about the video or how inconsistent the graphics looked. This is my first rpg. Seriously. Though, nobody seemed to believe that.

I was conveniently sitting in chat while people condescendingly accused me of "just showing off." "Oh, he must be so proud of it."

NO REALLY?! If I didn't like my work, I wouldn't have posted it. But spare the B.S. Nobody puts user generated work on the internet, on a community for sharing that stuff no less, without wanting someone to see it. It's like posting a video on youtube of yourself doing something awesome and people saying "oh, you're just showing off." "Oh course I'm showing off! This is youtube!"

Someone else said "anyone could event a cutscene like that, it just takes time" - which is laughable, that can be said of any work that doesn't cost money


So anyway, back to my intended point of discussion. In the past couple months that I've been in this community, the one thing I couldn't help but notice was that people almost exclusively talk about how the games look. SICK overlays dude. The only other thing discussed is the custom programming work, which made more sense to me.

I was wondering why that's the case. I dunno about everyone else, but I always enjoyed the stories in RPGs. My impression growing up was that they focused on the depth of their worlds just because they can't compete in gameplay with action games, etc. For me, strategy and party development aside, rpgs were like books when I was growing up. I remember stuff like the Arctica Castle opening. Killing Teo McDohl. Stuff sticks with you like any great movie, except unlike other mediums, you get to grow attached to the characters by playing as them.

So when I first saw rpgmaker some years ago, the appeal to me was making my own story in RPG format. Why not write a book? ...well because books are boring to me. I think to myself, man how lame was that ending, THIS is how I'd do it! Now I have the opportunity.

Couple years ago, I saw this website for the first time and tried a couple games that were well reviewed or got some awards or whatever. About all of them were such well produced games, insane attention to detail, etc. I couldn't stay hooked on most of them, though, because the dialogue was brutal. To be fair, of course, they're indie game makers, not writers.

Then I saw a couple games that had non-graphical redeeming characteristics that, for me anyway, totally trumped how bad it looked. One of them was this second mellynd war game. Man was that game ugly. But that story was captivating. Those characters were so developed. They didn't fall into a single voice(the voice of the writer) like other games I saw.

The other game that stood out to me was Rise of the Third Power. It was fairly visually appealing, but that paled in comparison to how colorful the characters and their chemistry were. I said to myself, THIS is what I was looking for! It doesn't even matter what kind of adventure they have, I want to see them do it.


I know people have limited time to make their games. When I see a beautiful game with sick battlesystems but mediocre story/dialogue, I wouldn't say go fix your dialogue, it blows. Maybe, they're bad at writing, can't help that. I dunno why the reverse has to be true. I can't make all the custom matching graphics that I need to represent the story I've written. Well maybe I could, but I don't have the time and energies for it.

So I ask you. What do you find appealing about making and playing indie games? What do you value in this stuff and why? I wanna hear what y'all think.

edit: holy wall of text, sorry

Action Scenes in rm2k3

I was wondering about what people thought of cutscenes/action sequences using low quality sprites, with the limitations of rm2k3(especially my own spriting limitations).

I'm pretty new to the community, and my first experience was hopping on the rmn irc where I showed a youtube video of one of my cutscenes. I was told categorically that it looked too weird using battle animations and choreographed fights with low quality sprites was too cheesy. From what I could tell, those comments were from long time indie gamemakers, which I'm not. It bothered me that they were really only focused on how plain the maps were or that a character had a few ellipses in his dialogue(when ellipses were fully appropriate), and didn't have much to say about the scene itself.

Anyway, I wanted to hear what more people have to say about this kind of scene. Is it really too cheesy? A waste of time? There's not a whole lot of traffic on my game page, so I figured to post it here where more people can comment on it.

What do you guys think? I enjoy making this kind of scene. But I do care if other people like it. I just know that the last time I showed something like this, it was panned critically.

This is my first post on these forums, by the way, so this'll double as a "hi, I'm new" post.


Sorry, I wasn't very clear on what this was about, exposed myself to criticism, and I started some trouble over it.

I want to know if people think action scenes with low quality sprites is entertaining. Basically if people like watching it. I know my example has some cringe worthy graphics, but say hypothetically, there wasn't anything terrible about it. Are 2D sprites duking it out cheesy or badass??

Also, I've found that these kinds of scenes are pretty rare. ASSUMING people like them, why are they rare? They're not lacking in technical ability or commitment to excellence in gamemaking, so why not?

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