I'm Scalytank, a game developer from Hungary. I'm highly skilled procrastinator. I also try and work on some projects in libgdx when I find my inner strength for them :D I also like rpg and tactical games... (I may create one, in the distant future... or not...)
Never Been
A story based adventure game about a peaceful world and the darkness beyond.



[RMMV] vs [RMVX ACE]... which lags less?

Well I don't have a powerful PC (cheap laptop, with intel HD), but most MV games run at stable 60 fps... Maybe it has something to do with all the crap plugins people use. (the change in the scripting language might have affected the plugins quality. RGSS was around here for years)

How To Lock My rpgmaker Game

Well, out of curiosity I searched "decrypt rpg maker game" in google, and found working tools for both XP and VX Ace under few minutes... I'd say don't bother.

By the way, if you are using MV, there is no easy way for encryption, as the editor does not support it by default.

RMN Hearthstone FIRESIDE

Game is a money-sucking RNG-fest with great presentation and boring/samey matches. I have no idea how it got ESPORTSIFIED. I also can't really stand blizzard, and a lot of that dismay probably comes from how poorly they've treated the HS playerbase.

And not just the HS playerbase

I played this game two years ago... I remember, the intro for me was a big cringey (a bit.. "childish" in a way). I reached like rank 13-14, and could not keep up with the wallet warriors. Then I decided to do something worth my time more :D

Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle

This looks awesome!

Black Winter Review

Well after a certain point I had to turn up my gamma by 250%... On this very same machine I finished both Amnesia and Machine for pigs (with default gamma).

Technical question... how do you use that neon lamp without a proper socket and energy as light source?

Black Winter Review

And now, as I actually read through everything after typing all this out, I'll probably come to realize I may be wasting my time =3=

Exactly... The real problem here is the attitude of the developer... The game has its problems which can be fixed quite easily. Typos can be fixed, dialogues can be edited to make more sense (sometimes just changing few words is enough). But instead he decided to write a review for his own game with a (probably) fake account...

Black Winter Review

Obviously the game has problems which need to be fixed... But writing yourself a good review instead of fixing them? With my girlfriend we ran a small forum in the past, unless you live in the same house with that person, there is no way it was not you... I was thinking about writing a review with a score around 3 stars (in my opinion that's the max this game should get in its current state), but now I dont feel like doing it anymore... I am disappointed. :/

Black Winter

You can push the rock to the room with the two buttons, and move the rock to keep the top button pushed down... It glitched out on me first (i couldnt push the rock to the button) I had to restart the game and reload from the last save point... Then it worked. Hope this helps:)

MiRE Engine

I see!

Well, waiting for an update on this :)

Questionable Ads

There should be a way to block these ads from the domain... :/