Celebrating Over 1000 Downloads!

Am I also the only one that beat the optional dungeon? Anyone else do that yet? :E (Also I think it's like 7 1/2 times beating it, that last one didn't go so well)

Anyways, make another. :D

Celebrating Over 5000 Downloads

Eternal Paradise... canon now, and forever! Except Lavata, he's non canon.

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Boss Project Remake, this is a bit of a reach considering Ephiam himself doesn't have it, and it was originally on filefront which obviously got shifted, but someone out there must have it. Possibly already requested, but never found it.

Eternal Paradise Review

7-8 actually, and a half maybe. Who is even keeping score at this point? Besides both of us, and the voices inside my liver. What?

Eternal Paradise Review

I'm fairly certain this game has ruined my life, and possibly yours.

Eternal Paradise

Being awesome also helps. Seriously though, it's pretty easy. :D

Regarding Balance

The third option sounds rather nice.

Crystal Clash.....................

I don't even... Just gonna make my sandwich over here.

Testers Needed!

I read it on the internet so it must be true.

Testers Needed!

Yeah, don't worry about the super awesome NG+ stuff. :D

He tells me there are bacon boobs in the game, if you find them let me know.
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