I need a little help

to be sure I checked it with: Inferno (Aldorlea) it is working,
than One Million Steps to Home (from this site) no text.
What confuses me is that if I run them normal = no text, if I run them with Japanes local emulator....everything is fine

I need a little help

Is there a common point with all your games? Perhaps the version of Gamemaker

Àre these games free? or at least one of them?

No problems with games from this site...can't say that this is still true, because well the problem only occurred during the last month.
I checked several other games ( and bought) and it's not consistent.
The last with problems: The great Divide; The Exodus (both from Aldorlea) and Heroes of Xanfurth (a free game)....sorry, don't know what engine they are running.

I need a little help

Try this. No guarantee this will work.

Thank you for your answer.
The problem is still there.
Maybe I wasn't clear in my first post....the problem occured only since last month.
Before everything (with the same games) was OK.
And it couldn't be missing fonts, because if I start the game with local emulator the font is there.
And I checked all fonts (I own every RPGMaker) are installed.

I need a little help

Playing RPGMaker games wasn't a problem for me...since last month.
Now I have a problem with some of the games.
For example if I start Aldorlea games from Steam than there is no text is shown only the empty textboxes.
Now if I start the same game manually with local emulator (japanese) than everything is OK.
Since I didn't change anything on my PC and I checked that all fonts are still there I am very gratful for any help.

Saving the Planet: 90's Style

My first thought was...oh, looks good.
The 2nd thought...this needs a map URGENT!!
The map you have is useless. A green square for the next destination. But nowhere is your actual location.
All those cities are known cities...why not show them with a name on the map?

Next the fights. Your chars are useless without their rings. Hell those rings are their weapons. For me it kills the flow of the game if I always must select the skill menue and than the skill for that ring.
For the first levels this is OK. But later on it could be frustrating if your selection takes longer than the actual fight.

In the 80s and 90s getting the airplane was the ultimate way to travel.
Now you could reach every spot (or most sometimes you couldn't land your ship).
Therefor it is nice to have it from the get go. But also the danger to go to places where your party is not fit atm is high (and so is the risc of frustration for the player). Also the risc to trigger events that the player only should do much later into the game are high.

And my last point is that you have taken a big motivation out of the game.
I mean finding new party members (and hidden/secret locations/chests) was and is one of the major fun points in those games.

The Great Gaias

Ah, yes that game. Several times I nearly bought it. But the reviews about unbalanced fights stopped me every time ... mage with only 31 MP at level 15, bossfights only won by luck; or crafting useless because you can't find material.

Epic Wings 3

I just love the old JRPG (in German: die kleinen rumlaufenden Kopffüssler).
Sadly, even after I bought every RPGMaker version....I still don't have the patience to make one anybody doing that....Thank You!!

Epic Wings 3

Q4 2023???
man so long into the future....

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

Ah, yes I saw that...I only thought that it wasn't the last says version 1.0.0 and...I just don't like it to download an exe file from a site that many can pirate and corrupt the files.

I am quite that I played this game many years ago....only that my HDD from that time crashed and like ususal I've a backup from many things just not all those RPGMaker games ;-)

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

Looks like the downloads are down. 1.08 tells me google forbids it and 1.07 can't be found
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