Please be wary of my pet:



RMN Pixel Quilt

Uuh~ That idea is so nice and I am starving for doing some artsy stuff whatever it be, so would be very glad to join in again. ;w;/

Final Quest - The disciple's journey

<3 Hrrr hrrr... I will molest the hell out of this game.


Marry Indrah. The children from your union would be the ultimate RTP mappers. It is for the sake of the world.

Do not tell her, I said this.


Is this part of the yaoi, we were promised? ;W;

RMN Pixel Quilt

Okay, here it goes~ XD

Terence's Tribulations

Y-yeah... I forgot to actually find the button... Still lost in RMN and decided to do it after getting coffee. XD


Terence's Tribulations

Ladies beware D8
It is the opportunistic seme's subplot to get you in his web...

But must see. *subbed*

RMN Pixel Quilt

I'd like to have C1 if that is alright. I would get to it on the weekend as being busy otherwise. o7

*reports for duty* (if allowed ofc)

EvilEagles Does Blogpost

;w; You guys are working hard and I am anticipating where this goes. The tiles are getting together and work seamlessly as a bunch and the characters are delicious as ever. Just keep it up!

Sayako Dev Journal #2

;w;/ Looks awesome~ I love the colors chosen in the end for Yuri and the GUI is so clean. (I am glad to hear I have been able to help a bit! ;//A/;)

Keep at it both of you and make people gasp in awe.
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