Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

This is a really good game. I have played through once, and although I had the opportunity to get all the girls 100%ed, I only chose to pursue Riho's ending, which was very touching and well-written. The opportunity to add in new characters is a great idea, and potentially gives it endless replayability. What would be awesome is if there was a huge community actively releasing well-made new characters, but as it is at the moment, I only see a very limited amount on the game's official website's download page, although it wouldn't surprise me if there was an unofficial site somewhere that people had uploaded more to.


I'm so sorry, I haven't been able to login for ages. I didn't see any messages in my mailbox, but are you still working on the English? I can still offer my services as a proofreader if you want.

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Just so you know, I'm still up for checking the translation, and am going back to this page every day in anticipation of an update.


Perfect :D
I will do the translation myself, but common-speech or english grammar could be a small challenge. So it would be nice if someone could take a look at it, before i make a fool of myself.
And do not worry about the code, i am pretty proficient with the makerstuff
and have a big bunch of testers on hand. ; )
... and there is a nice tool (DreaMaker), that reads the whole ingame text and puts it in a txt.-file, wich will make foolproof reading and translating a lot easier!

You will get a PM when it´s done!

~ Cheerio ~ Räb!

Thanks, I work freelance as a proofreader, so I'm fairly confident I can deal with corrections. With the code, I was just a bit worried that I would have to find the text hidden within, so a .txt file with just the ingame text would be a real help. If you could set a deadline for corrections at the same, that would probably help me to work faster, and maybe either put the game out when it's done and update it when the corrections come in, or put it out on the deadline regardless of whether I'm finished. I don't really want to make the good people wait any longer than they have to for this awesome looking game.


I hope i won´t dissapoint expectations, but at least i can say, that all my testers, where more than satisfied with the outcome ; )

I hope so too ^^
As said, when it´s done, i will translate it, wich will take up to a month (maximum!)
I hope my english is sufficient enough, so that the ingame text will not sound dull, or weird.

... still, i could use a helping hand or two for the foolproof-reading.

More information, when it´s done!

Stay tuned again!
~ Räb!
Yeah, I'm gonna be doing a let's play type thing of this when it's done. It would be awesome to have some part of it, so if you send me a text copy, I could try to correct any grammatical or spelling mistakes. I only know English though, so I can't do translation. Not so good with code either.

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I think it's just spacebar, Scopt!

Correct me if I'm wrong...
It doesn't seem to work. plus, it says something like "0" or "8" or something
Oh, hmmm.

I think it's 1, and ember is 3?

Don't know why I thought it was spacebar, lol.

1 or 3 doesn't work, but A does. Thanks for your time. I did end up having to do some button mashing just to make sure that I could actually use it lol.

Pokémon Dusk

I think it's just spacebar, Scopt!

Correct me if I'm wrong...
It doesn't seem to work. plus, it says something like "0" or "8" or something


I get a series of messages saying '_' is missing. Currently it is RPGVX RTP.

Pokémon Dusk

I can't read the game text properly when it tells you how to use scratch. What is the button?

The Mysterious Wonderland of Alicia-chan

This is an amazing game, but I encountered what I think is a bug. When going through the mini door at the start (after first autosave, you get a key for it) it said something about demo end and the screen went black, but the game didn't end. a repeated cycle then ensued. I hope this is fixed as it nearly stopped me from playing any more of the game at all.
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