Dream Maker: New Engine -> Ruby, SDL & GTK

I agree

Resources (Legal to use?)

What about original resources if the author have not stated anything about commercial use on the thread and is no longer active (or inactive for a long time; can't be contacted.). Does it make it OK to use his/her resources if he/she is properly credited without having to ask for permission?

Resources (Legal to use?)

I thought.. If a person edits an unedited resource to his/her desire, doesn't it become his/her resource? (kinda)

Resources (Legal to use?)

Let's say (hypothetically) that i am making a commercial project.
Would it be illegal if i use EDITED resources such as recolors or frankensprites?
Of course, if the unedited resources are legal to use for commercial purposes.


i enjoyed it, actually :D I usually don't enjoy playing other peeps RM projects.

Hey, i'm new to RMN.

Hi guys :) I've been lurking this site for some time now and i guess i should finally become an active member now. I've just left for a couple of days, mostly due to bad staff but also for having a very "slow" community. It was slowly turning into a ghost town.

Anyhow, i'm 17 years old and i'm still in high school with a more focus on mathematics and computer science. I've been using RMVX for a couple of years now after one or two years messing around with RMXP. I have not completely finished any of my own projects yet but i'v been teaming with others. The most notable project would be Cry of the Fox. I have been working on my own project for a very long time now and it had a lot of revamps but i'm aiming at finally finishing it by the beginning of 2012. And no, i'm not a noob (only when it comes to RGSS2) :)

I can't call myself an expert but i'm very good at using Photoshop. I'm also a programmer (C# and VB), but not completely an expert there either because we've only been using it (C# and VB, mostly VB) in school for a little bit more than 6 months.

I can't wait to meet and perhaps get to know some new peeps around here :)
C ya for now ^^

Upcoming Teaser - Hiring Beta Testers

me too :D (already asked you on :P)

The Hole

I dont know but i find the story to be somewhat confusing.
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