The Lost Art of Innkeepi...
You've just inherited a dismal manor and a giant debt. Will you succeed in your new career as innkeeper, and solve the mysteries lurking behind the manor's doors?




The shadow was created in Photoshop (basically, select the outline of the lighthouse, feather it, fill it in with black, and skew it). I put it in the same tileset as the lighthouse.

The Lost Art of Innkeeping

Hi seaphoenix, i enjoying your games
just one thing for lost art of innkeeping
if i just give Nobby the money to update his store without strings, i gonna get 4 archivements? or i gonna get some etra money?

Good to hear that you're enjoying the game!

I'm pretty sure you get only one achievement (not four) if you give Nobby the money without any strings attached and you won't get any more money in return.

Mayor On The Run

how i get all the endiings of the game?

Sorry for the late reply - I check this only occasionally. I don't have a strict roadmap to all the different endings, but the main outcomes are in the spoiler below:

1) Whether you're recognized by the guards: this depends not only on whether you changed your hairstyle and your outfit, but the villagers may lie on your behalf and say you've lived in the village a long time if they have a high happiness level.

2) Whether you're arrested by the guards: if they recognize you, you can bribe them to let you go if you have enough money.

3) Whether you can stay in the village: if you're not arrested, you can choose to remain in the village or leave; you can only stay if the happiness of the villagers and the village reputation are high.

Hope this helps!

Mayor On The Run

al of them
*fixed the problem

Also, therea guide to this game?

Glad you were able to fix it! There's no guide, as far as I know, but a couple people did livestreams: there's a video by Indrah LadyPotato in the comments, and if you click on "Submission to Indie Game Making Contest" on the upper right, there's also one by HawkZombie.

Mayor On The Run

is me or i can´t accest to the page
Hmm, it works for me. Maybe you can try the direct link below (or copy-and-paste it)?
i end with "your tab has failed"

Sorry to hear that. Does that problem occur for all games? Aside from suggesting trying a different browser, I'm afraid I can't be more helpful, since I can't reproduce that problem and from the analytics of the game's website it looks like at least some other people have been able to visit the page and download the game. Although some of my other games are on Steam, this one isn't, unfortunately.

Mayor On The Run

is me or i can´t accest to the page

Hmm, it works for me. Maybe you can try the direct link below (or copy-and-paste it)?

Mayor On The Run

I like the pixel graphics. What is the gameplay like?

Sorry for the late reply - haven't been back here in a while! You explore the village, meet people, find items (that may come in handy later on for quests), and recruit villagers. Your choices matter, so whom you decide to recruit and the decisions you make may affect the ending and what your village looks like. The goal is to rejuvenate the village, and uncover the story of why you're fleeing.

Hope this helps!

Forest Star: RPG Maker Game Playthrough

Thanks for doing a video playthrough! Glad you enjoyed it.

The Ghost Cage

Hello, could you add a download so that I can submit a review? You can just add the link to your page as a donwload, it will count.

Sorry for the delay - I've been away from the forum for a while! I didn't realize I could add a link as a download; thanks for pointing that out. A link to the game is now available under Downloads.


Wjhaat happening?

It's one of the endings of the game, where you end up working with the ghost to make the haunted house a tourist attraction. :)

maybe you can add lighting effect for the magic circle on the floor too. Anyway it looks beautiful.

There actually is a lighting effect on the magic circle (probably about the size of the circle, that's why its radius can't be seen as clearly as the other lighting effects), but yeah, I do think it could be improved! Thanks for the feedback!
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