Best Sci-Fi Rpg Maker games

What are a few of your favorite Sci-Fi style RPG Maker Games?

A blurred Line.

Are there any hidden gems out there?

Alpha-Terra Conspiracy

This game starts in the year 2088, Human Society has continued its downward trend. You are a Technician working on the Slipstream Chamber Project which is basically a time machine. The game isn't about the time machine but it is one piece of technology which threads into the rest of the story. The game takes place over the course of hundreds of years. Eventually you are in space exploring planets and fighting for your life.

I am trying to thread the game's conspiracies with realistic possible conspiracies all for the purpose of an insane storyline. Keep in mind the game is a huge work in progress. I am about 30% of the way done. I have made the middle of the game and the Beginning but I haven't joined them together yet. The beginning is newer than the middle, a stroke of inspiration if you will.

In any case if you want to play a game and get RPG Fever download this game. I do not plan to make any money on this at all, it is a labor of love and I want to spark an Open-Source gaming movement. I need lots of ideas and I am always looking for help on the project if anybody is interested. I need characters made, faces for the characters, storyline ideas, you name it. Let me know what you think. I want this game to be as interesting as possible.

Alpha-Terra Conspiracy Download Link


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