I believe RPG Maker and similar programs are capable of producing fantastic, unique, and enduring experiences and I love hunting down hidden gems. That being said, I admit to a near-equal love of wonky or horribly broken games and enjoy reviewing games on both ends of the spectrum.

In my opinion, the worst thing a game can be is perfectly average as such a game lacks both passion and a sense of identity.



Hello everyone, my name is Seeric and I'm terrible at writing introduction posts. I've been playing RPG Maker games for about a decade now, from back when RM2k was pretty much all there was, although I have someone managed to never make a game of my own. That being said, I have quite a bit of experience with playing RPG Maker games and RPG's in general, so I'd be happy to help anyone who needs bug or balance testers. I also have a degree in English, so if anyone needs help with spelling, grammar, and plot-hole checking, I can help out with that too.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say about myself, but I'm happy to have joined this community and hope to be a more active member of it in the future!
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