I would have more makerscore If I did things.
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SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelag...
More Islands = Better



The Simple Times

I've actually got an idea and have resolved to see it through! It probably won't be done on time, but I'll be damned if I don't play it out.


"Oh wow, what are these things?"

"Who cares, there treasure chests are in that locked room!"

Sign of the Dead Review

A hasty faceplant across the finish line by me, it seems

I Got Reborn as the Demon Queen but I STILL Can't Make Any G*ddamn Friends

I'm two minutes into the game and it's the improvement from the first half is already tenfold. I also get a lot of kicks out of finding out how what was in the story prompt got translated to the end product.

Swap in 3 Middle with Who?

Fixed the private page problem!

Swap in 3 Middle with Who?

Dear lord... I actually finished something!
Is it something to be proud of? No, it was a procrastination-heavy workload. But I managed to push through and finish Something!
Such exhilaration.

now to wait for some major thing I mucked up to come to light

Swap in 3 Middle with Who?

I've got 2000, 2k3, MV, VX, VX Ace, and XP all on Steam.


I yearn to see this title as theme music plays, ready to start my adventure.
Hold on, lemme find that Patreon button...

Progress Report - 12/30/21 - Story, Sprites, and RPG News

I will always be watching and supporting whatever happens with this series.

I can totally see some of these RMN mons fit some RPG common enemies, some loosely and some literally being based on them (Siremp=Siren, Dwarkin=Dwarf, Tricalp as a hydra type enemy, etc).

In regards to the exploration focus one, it would be cool for the RMNmons to have some special ability used as a key to unlock progression. Miceberg digging through dirt or ice to find items, Levitomb acting as a key for ancient ruins, Tomamight taking control over some vines to make a bridge, and so on.

Pokémon RMN Version

Would be better to post about it in the Help Me! forums than here. More exposure to people who could help you that way.

I think restarting your file is the only choice though, unfortunately.