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I love me some owls and game design.

Idle Isle
You're in debt to a demon lord!



Progress Report - 4/5/21 - Overworld Sprite Showcase

All these sprites be looking fresh!

I can't tell which two are the ones right above the Atmana Evo line. What are they?

Pokémon RMN Version

What are you thinking about right now?

I just had a nightmare in the hour between waking and sleep where I was playing a hard-ass Starbound biome with MTG Myr-like robots chasing me and helicopters of all shapes and sizes whose propellor blades hurt like hell. As I progressed the level started glitching with backgrounds turning completely black and odd text with red drop shadow MURDER/MURDERER text shifting about and a pitched-down Flowey laugh growing ever louder as the text filled the screen and grew in size. I went to my brother, who was in my sister's room, holding my head in my hands repeatedly thinking to myself "help me (brother)" until the laughter faded.

So good morning.

raocow's LP

I didn't really have the motivation to explore SMBX2 and that might be just the thing to kickstart my interest.

also gotta finish my castles 2 wrap up and super dr. toadly world thingy

Aremen's Prophecy - Community Game Sign up!

Name: Seiromem

Portrait: F11

Personality: Maddened Cinammon Roll

Team: - Team MX

Class: - Spear

- Strength: 6/10
- Intelligence: 4/10
- Vitality: 2/10
- Agility: 8/10

Rock, Papers, Scissors: Scissors

Recently assaulted by a sniccoughurp. Not pleasant.

Sneeze cough & burp? What are the odds of all three at once?

Actually a Sn(Sneeze)icc(hiccup)ough(cough)urp(burp)

Its what happens when your lungs and windpipe have contradicting existential crisises and the diaphragm can't stop laughing at their foolishness.

So not that far out of the realm of possibility.
Look on the bright side. At least it wasn't a farsniccoughurp

That's lik the final evolution of a Pokemon right there.
Coughurp, to Sniccoughurp, to Farsnicoughurp!

What are you thinking about right now?

Oh my, how nostalgic.
Also flattering that it's remembered even after all these years! 6 of them! Years. 6 years.

dear lord


Come on guys, stick to the very important topic at hand.

Idle Isle Review

Thanks for the review!

Good idea, poor execution. Seems to be a theme for me.

Let's Play: Idle Isle - Parts 07 - 09

The lack of magic attack upgrades is noted, and the grinding being unrewarding is my fault- mistakes to learn from.

The game is not unbeatable since you don't need to defeat the dragon(Or clear the tower) to get 1,000,000,000G- you can grind that out with quests (which would take awhile!) The dragon and tower are just shortcuts. Of course, I added the dragon and tower specifically so you wouldn't have to grind it out if you didn't want to if, say, grinding felt unrewarding =X
Either way, I don't think I'll be rebalancing this old game.
I've uploaded a download that should fix the progress-halting bugs, however.
I still wonder though- did you press X when in front of the Volcano warp? Because it turns out its not a touch warp but an interaction warp. Unintuitive, I know.