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I'm working on a new concept that changes the battle system mechanics.
In short it's taking political debate and oration, using that as the basis for battles. I have a really simple mechanics test live here.

I would love feedback about how the battle feels. It is text heavy since it is a taking a verbal medium into a game, so that may not appeal and I understand. Otherwise, play with the various options both in the battle and choices before the battle.

All feedback is appreciated.



I've only played a few minutes but this is really really fun already. I like the art style and music, also the little details everywhere are great. Already an outstanding game in my humble opinion.

Critique: The jumping has a bit too much slide, so that took a bit to get used to.

Overall I'd recommended this to others and for you to go ahead developing.


The Sky of Time (Summer 2015)

I like the idea of an open ended game which gives you least to a great do as you wish. But many times, and even now as I was in my posts above....I was completely at a loss as what to do. True there were people who gave me quests and others advice and such but it still seemed too much of a clueless waqlk around. Many times I was lost as to what to do next and would go over areas again and again trying to see what was next. AS you know I asked many a question. I am still not sure if the game is almost done or if there are some other things needing to be accomplished."

I'll try adding more guiding posts around. As of now Id say the core game is: mage tower, sebille's town, ghost town, the 3 baron quests, and the Muljinar temple. in the two smaller towns and lavos there are smaller events to do.

"Enemies werent too hard. In the lower pwninsulas when it was opened up for exploration, although you do have things to doo in one area....the monsters there were the same ones as above, at least on the world map. I think when you actually have that part done they will be different....I hope. Bats and rats etc were becoming a bit boring. The encounter rate was pretty high and I wished youd had a potion or something to keep them away from you. They certainly helped in getting EXP though."

thats good, i plan on having enemies (somewhat) scale up in later areas. enemy variety is def something im working on as well as balancing out the encounter rate.

"Your spelling was pretty good actually, with just a few errors. I am always amazed at how brilliant you game makers generally are but cant spell worth a damn even with that new fangled thing called spellcheck. Not everyones forte is spelling but usually there isnt a good reason to have such terrible spelling in a game. Your grammar was pretty good as well." good to hear, i try to double check as often as I can. grammar, in general, is written as I imagine the character would speak it (same with some spelling, obvious with most characters).

"Your first town was a bit too big (for me anyway) and I never liked going into it...strange because nothing was actually WRONG, it just felt too big."
now this is interesting because I want a feel of strangeness to match the theme but i feel the size allows me more flexibility to add elements without making 10 versions of one map. so this is something i feel will come up again.

"I like your descriptions of items although mostly they were a bit confusing what they actually did. I am not the brightest player and when things are confusing it makes it more of a chore to play a game." glad to hear and I can tinker with the descriptions, in some recent playtests ive realized even i am not sure what will happen (and im not talking about the hidden sideeffects of certain items)

"I am enjoying the game and would have even more if it hadnt been so open ended...or at least more hints and clues. I am looking for your next demo!
Soooo am I almost almost finished with this demo...what are the main things needed to accomplish in this game?

always glad to hear. as i said above those are the core points to hit. some sidequests really depend on which path youve taken. did you do things such as the potato guy in sebille, have you tried to fight the whole array of fighters in the fighter house, the skill master in the mountains (follow the route), and one i really like is the shimmer quest: in the main town there is a lady at one table (with one guy and little girl) who changes apperance based on how you approach her; after getting going through the skill master, his wife appears in the hovel where the fighters are (first floor), at one point she will make shimmers which you can bring to that first lady (there are several options you can do here and I feel they are drastically different even if they don't effect the game).

The Sky of Time (Summer 2015)

"Also heres a good one. In the ghost town....the item that brings you back to life if you can get 99 and go sell them and come back for more. I was going to get a lot of money off this but figured there wasnt going to be more more to buy that I wanted in this demo." - just a remnant of when I didn't know how to program the switch to delete itself properly. fixed.

"In the lumber yard....the note is in CHINESE or something and below some more Chinese or something that says 22." - one word: elves.

"Also same place those two wells both put you in the same area. I thought the one well put you nest to the next rope but it doesnt." also a remnant from how I originally made that map. fixed.

"Do we get a boat in this demo? I was walking around the lower peninsula and there is a boat but you cant use your images thereis a pic of a ship in the same spot you started out in." to be honest, I haven't updated any screen shots that are not out of date. I changed that due to changing some of the backstory.

"There was a girl who wanted to say hello to her sister is Lavcs and I did to the woman I had to kill but there was no response other than gracias." yeah, you just said hello. In this world, people take that as a kindness.

"Hmmmm thats all I can find for now. I cant get anyone to give me more quests so I am thinking I am close to the ending." - sounds good, thanks again for all the help.
do you have any critiques about things other than what youve already mentioned, such as characters, difficulty (btw it is not supposed to be staggered but somewhat random, however there are conditions making enemies harder based on lvl, actions, decisions, etc), story, other mechanics etc

The Sky of Time (Summer 2015)

Another easter-egg/inside joke I decided to put in as a lens into those characters' personality. I can add an extra line to clarify that.

Yeah that was an oversight on my part, originally that item was going to be something that made enemies flee but I didn't get it to work right so I switched it. Going to fix that now.

Jackal: no that is a subtle way of saying "let it win" (the idea is that it will leave you alone for a sec if it thinks it won giving you time to flee)

metal chest, yeah that was just a stupid oversight on my mapping. fixed it.

that ghost town door it going to be closed until a "level" is complete, the idea is to come back there and get a reward. but i can clarify that.

he is only gotten if you complete a two parts of a side-story. one involves him on the rocky point and one is achieved based on how you complete a quest. also, is that a subtle way of saying I should change the Baron's name?

The Sky of Time (Summer 2015)

Looking forward (to everything working well) and any feedback you have.

Wasn't sure what kind of game this was?

The main place is the ghost town, tucked in the mountains the left side of the peninsula. the icon on the map looks like a worn down town, inside the only building is actually two spots (wash room and bed).

also hidden are many items/ mage tower: book shelves in the back; at the front when you turn left are two draped red cloths- click on one to find a safe deposit box. sebille's town: at bottom left in grass, and top right bucket below the beast. fighter's buidling: outside, top right shiny is money.

when ive play tested i usually get 4000 gold so i know it is possible but admittedly probably needs more refinement.

also, if you've talked to everyone/maybe even multiple times. in sebille's town (after clearing the guards and helping the people) the Baron will appear opeing more things.

Wasn't sure what kind of game this was?

You know, I realize the issue. (several versions ago I removed something that pushes you to what I guess can be called the 2nd quest). Down near the bottom there is a town, it's about 3 squares above that guard on the region map, that will propel a lot. (my mistake, I'm still balancing how much to tell the player and not tell which is why this is very helpful).

What wood piles are you talking about exactly, in Lavos town or in the forest/lumbermill (but where you are now there is nothing to do with those).

The fighting ring is a way to practice new skills you gain and tactical practice without the risk of game over. also, there is no strict difficulty progression so you may come across much harder elements (the ghost town for example) at any point.

100gold because there are actually areas to heal everything for free and there are about 5 free 'potions' in one of the towns. (this is an element of balance between exploring and not exploring)

Wasn't sure what kind of game this was?

Hi, thanks for taking the time to play the demo. So I wanted to respond to what you brought up more or less as you brought it up:

Title discrepancy: it was in part a rush fix so i glanced over it for now.

Item transparency: yeah I'm still building a larger icon set so once that is done I will make them transparent.

Lavos: the town expands with time and fills in.

Intro: I held back on doing one for now just to focus on everything else.

This is not a foreign language game being translated. The story has you tossed into a basically foreign land, hence the different language. That ties in with the player also being lost (a design choice I have been thinking about changing to be honest).

It is a demo but there is way more to do. At the end of the Karadas dialogue you get a mission which fixes the whole language thing.

Thank you again for taking the time though.


The Sky of Time (Summer 2015)

This is for most all versions (I recommend having v5 though): Antitodes to cure poison, labeled as such and at the start found in the ruined Mage open that quest after speaking to the red Guy (karadas) in Lagos town in the main building at the back. (That is basically the tutorial so its mentioned to clue you in to things). Food items are basically food, they heal; some have a subtle reference to upping energy or magic. Most gold is acquired by doing things for people or fighting other people (most monsters don't carry gold because they don't use money).
Also the mage tower puzzle only initiates after speaking to karadas.

Hope this helps.
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