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Good day folks,

If I'm here I'm probably new, eh.

So I've just begun to wrap-up a demo for this game I'm working on using RPG Maker VX Ace. The game is supposed to be somewhat free-form, no holding the player's hand, no blatant classic tutorials etc. In part because the role you take on is crashed onto an unknown land and you have to explore as you see fit.

Current external dl link:

If you're interested in a longer write up, here ya go:

Intent: This game is designed to have a bunch of decisions, paths, and optimal variety of choices to explore. This game does not tell you what to do, does not hold your hand, but because of constraints there are of course only a select number of paths. Nearly everything that can be interacted with influences the game to at least one degree, many things are hidden with no sign telling you what to do, you are thrown into a new world as though you had no comprehension of the things around you. Explore as you wish to (in most all cases, later regions will be more free form, gotta set up the story first ya know).

Gameplay: Made in 'RPG Maker VX Ace' so it has that classic turn-based combat system, 2D effect, dungeons, and classic RPG elements. There are several dozen decisions to make in this demo alone with loads of replayable options. One standard-path playthrough I did (the person who knows the ins and outs) to the current demo end took 1 hour.

Story: You, in the role of Riri, land on an unknown land. Find your way around. I ain't telling you how to, that's your choice.

As a prototype there may be issues and glitches. Hopefully few because I've done many playtests and it seems good.
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