Rpg maker 2003 Charset (help)

Hello guys,
My name is Setti (Matt).
And i'm looking for a person who can help me make a charset.
I recently drew a character called midnight,
And i want to star it in my own game. And i was wondering if somebody could do this for me.

I'll add a link to my IMAGE.
Thank you in Advance!

Live Action event. (Help)

Hello Guys, i wanted to ask you something.
I've been working on something i call it a live action event,
Let me explain;

-There are 2 characters a Monster and the hero.
-when the live event start you have 2 seconds to take an Option
or -Cast Magic

-if you not take 1 of those option's in the 2 seconds, the monster attacks the -hero, and then another hero comes and battles him in a real battle.

but my problem is the moment it attacks you, then i can't get the options go away, they keep on the screen and i HAVE to choose, oné of them, and he still uses it..

I hope you can help me with that or if you have a better way too do it, please let me know.

I hope you understand, my english is not soo good ;D ty

(RPG MAKER 2003)
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