Misaos 2020 - Discussion Topic

Shooty and the Catfish saw its full release this year and is definitely worth a look if you like quirky Newgrounds-like humor. The Episode 1 standalone release was released last year, but is also included in the full game with a complete graphical overhaul.

File Size Issue Rectified

Awesome! Big file sizes can definitely be a deterrent to potential downloads. I hope this will help the game's numbers!

Hoping to play more of Beetle Ninja in the coming days, too.

RPG Maker LPers?

I don't know of too many LPers who do -just- RPG Maker and those who do tend to stick to horror/walkabouts. But here's a couple that I know of:

GSDBoxer: Covers RPG Maker games regularly, including Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass, Grimm's Hollow, Shooty and the Cat Fish and a few others.

Driftwood Gaming: Doesn't do full playthroughs as far as I've seen but does a lot of "First Impression" videos for RM games.

Imagine making progress and then you forgot to document said progress.

Oh yeah! I should

Probably start doing that.

Soma Union

I love Soma Spirits Rebalance! I bought the game on Steam years ago, and I still enjoy playing it. I'm so happy you're making a sequel, I played the Demo and I already love it! Great job, I really look forward to the full game!

Awesome! Glad you liked the demo and are looking forward to the full release!

We're currently somewhere around 65-70% of the way through development, so keep an eye out for more updates!

The Featured Game Thread

Thought I might add Beetle Ninja to the hat.

Same developer as Where the Moon Goes at Night, and it's got the same level of charm and snark.

School loans paid. Now what do I do

time for graduate school

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening Review

She... she what? o_O
She is the most popular character in game ~

She is better than both the salami and the bologna combined.

Brainstorming future game plot ideas!

If anyone's gonna do a Live a Live successor, it's absolutely gotta be you.

Plus you have the benefit of working on a bunch of mini-scenarios rather than one big one!

This will likely be my last solo project to use the RTP

If it's on the docket, it's never a bad time to consider making custom assets, too. When I started making my own assets, my projects started feeling like something I could truly call my own, which is a feeling that I didn't have as much of when I was using the RTP or edits.

I know it's not the route for everyone, but you might find a sense of immersion that you never knew before. Just something to consider!