Unfortunately the game was stolen

This guy has a pattern of stealing games from devs who have disappeared or have been inactive. And there has been little luck in getting the stolen games taken down because Valve doesn't seem to want to hear it unless the original developer themselves contacts them directly.

You should definitely contact Valve over this, and it may help get the other stolen games taken down as well.

rpg maker vx ace moghunt atelier Rgss

It's a good practice to always check usage rights and clauses in any scripts you use. And if it is not in the script itself, it's likely somewhere on their website. Make a citation of it for yourself on where you found it, too, since more and more scripts are disappearing online from dead links, etc.

I tend to do this as early in development as I can, and always avoid scripts with a "no commercial" clause even if my game is free. That way I'm not putting myself in hot water later if I make the decision to go commercial and I'm not scrambling to find a replacement script.

NEW Art Corner #1-4

Dang I love those facesets. This remake's gonna look clean as heck.

Development will not continue. But...

Geez you guys are making me blush, lol. I didn't realize I had been such an influence to you all and it means so much that it left such an impact on people. I probably wouldn't keep doing this whole game development if I couldn't do that.

Thank you so much, everyone. Gotta keep going!

Opinion Question About Enemy Gfx (in Standard Sideview JRPG Battles)

Only if your game is thematically about style clash. i.e. Super Mario Odyssey. Otherwise nah.

Development will not continue. But...

Thanks, folks. This was a tough call that I was ready to make months ago and just didnt have the courage to admit it until now. If I prided myself on one thing as a developer, it's the ability to follow through with what I started. And to not be able to do that for the first time in years felt like the one thing I could do well was now a moot point and I had nothing going for me.

But I'm realizing more and more that Crescent Prism has been a wonderful experience for exactly the reasons you noted, Nova. I wish I had known the things going into Soma Spirits or Yuusha that I had learned through CP's development and I think what I'm bringing away from it will make the next project all the more cohesive. I finally, for example, feel confident enough in my visual style that I can make a more consistent-looking game from start to finish. CP definitely had some Art Evolution going on, and early assets were experimental at best.

Now I feel like I have better methods of doing things, for both pixel art and for everything on the backend and I'm truly aiming to have a more organized approach for the next project. Crescent Prism taught me a lot, and so many things about it will hopefully make the next game stronger.

Do you have an RM/N bucket list?

Play more RM games in general, I think. I've been really out of the scene this year and I haven't been doing my due diligence.

Is borrowing sprites like this legally okay? :3

The internet is a different place now than it was even just five or ten years ago and the moral implications of using rips and edits, especially from indie games like Wargroove, have changed dramatically. Many sprites you find online and in other games now are from small-time creators just like you and me.

You also shouldn't immediately assume that it is still okay to do this if your game is free due to the way copyright law works. If you are absolutely dead set on using existing assets, you should either purchase them, or seek out assets that have proper Creative Commons Licenses for reuse.

I'm gonna say it once more for the people in the back: Do not assume you can do this if your game is free.

That said, using other sprites as a point of reference is a great way to learn how to learn how to make your own pixel art and many of us have done the same thing in order to develop our own styles. Unlike ten years ago when rips and edits were the norm, there are infinitely more resources, tutorials, and other tools out there to help you make your own distinct art. And even if you think you're not ready to make that step, there's hundreds of artists on Twitter and Gamedev forums looking to do commission work, so help 'em out!

I think what you're doing is a good start in making your own assets, but you absolutely need to go further than that. Nowadays, there's no reason not to.

Tumblr sucks ass so I've decided to speak to THE PEOPLE (Bane voice) directly and stream some game design on Twitch. Follow me if you want to see my goofy ass suck at RPG Maker Vx Ace:

Tumblr is worth less than a single fish.

A Song of Fire & Ice

Hero's Realm is undeniably a classic early-to-mid 90s-styled RPG. It is an earnest loveletter to the games I enjoyed then. However, I fear that the lack of a distinctive hook - like so many other exciting indie games I see posted on here and Twitter and elsewhere - will anchor this remaster.
I think itll be alright mate, the fact it is so strait faced kinds of makes it stand out I think, it worked well for Ara Fell and Shadows of Adam too, some people just want that pure experience.

I think Hero's Realm will find that niche in that audience looking for an SNES-style RPG that plays it by the book, which you might find that there's a surprisingly large market for, provided that you do that formula masterfully and polished to a point where players can tell the developers have a clear love and understanding of the genre. Hero's Realm has always been that. And -that- is your hook.

That's definitely the biggest advantage you can have with an indie RPG that plays it straight.