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Worst Unit Type

I don't think there's a universal answer to this because it really depends on the gameplay systems at play, as well as they type of player playing the game.

A Thief might drive an efficient player crazy.

A Thief might be perfect for the self-imposed player who wants to spend an hour getting the Genji Armor.

A Thief might have some great game-breaking exploit that a speedrunner just found.

Or maybe the game really has no use for the Thief at all. Really just depends on the game and how it's designed.

It's really all about the context.

How do you stop going back??

Unless it's something major or a fundamental system that affects everything, leave the revisions until much later, preferably towards the end of development. And make as many major decisions about the game as early in development as possible, because holding off a major variable until later will very likely bring things to a halt when you decide what it is.

Going back mid-way will mean you will eventually go back a second time. And a third, and a fourth, and that's how so many indie projects never get finished.

This is especially true for any "art evolution" that your game experiences during development if you're doing custom assets. No matter what, your game's early areas will look nothing like later ones. So I strongly recommend waiting until much later in the project to redo your graphics: tackle it all at once, so that art evolution becomes less of an issue. Absolutely resist the urge to do this more than once.

Art Corner: Master Classes

My daredevil will be named Lance Murdock.

i'm starting a new rpg and would like some advice

now hiring a mapper, scripter, programmer, sprite artist, and writer

i will be the project lead and overall head honcho of the project

[RMVX ACE] Modding weather

Looks like if it's clear and yella, you've got code there, fella

The whole thing looks to be rendered in-engine under Spriteset_Weather


# * Create [Snow] Weather Bitmap
def create_snow_bitmap
@snow_bitmap =, 6)
@snow_bitmap.fill_rect(0, 1, 6, 4, particle_color2)
@snow_bitmap.fill_rect(1, 0, 4, 6, particle_color2)
@snow_bitmap.fill_rect(1, 2, 4, 2, particle_color1)
@snow_bitmap.fill_rect(2, 1, 2, 4, particle_color1)

# * Get Maximum Number of Sprites
def sprite_max
(@power * 10).to_i

# * Create New Particle
def create_new_particle(sprite)
sprite.x = rand(Graphics.width + 100) - 100 + @ox
sprite.y = rand(Graphics.height + 200) - 200 + @oy
sprite.opacity = 160 + rand(96)

These look to be a few snippets for snow specifically, but it looks like the whole module handles everything related to all the weather effects. I guess you could tinker around with it (or maybe bug a coder, yeah)

Is Trump even Human?

I've been playing too much Animal Crossing because I thought the title of this thread was "Is Turnip even human?" and we were debating equal rights for vegetables.

RMN is a huge competitor for Steam!!!

What's funny is that not only allows you to link to other storefronts, but it has a game profile field specifically to link out to a Steam page.

I don’t know anymore...why does this happen