gaaams hype

How does this site save submitted games? I worked on a page for 2 hours and I closed it now I have to start all over again.

Paste the whole thing into Notepad occasionally, I guess is the best solution.

Art Corner: Rogue Classes

Thinkin' I might need a Harlequin in my party to bring in the sass.

An user keeps wanting to convert my games, kinda weird

It's worth noting that RMMV games are much easier to export into other formats like APKs, hence why some of these pirates and reuploaders have been targeting MV games over Ace.

But it sounds like this guy is looking to exploit some loophole to get permission to use your game and assets. They're very likely trying to get you to agree to something, but exploiting what the range of that consent is. I've had people ask me on tumblr years ago if they could make fan translations, but to send them the files. Which, any well-intentioned person would have cracked the games open to do that in the first place.

This is also why you should be very careful if people approach you asking to sell merch on mass-production sites like RedBubble.

Possible to include a font with a game? (and any good download sites?)

I'm not sure what engine you're using, but I know with VX Ace you can make a folder in the project file and name it "Fonts", if it doesn't already have one, and just plop your font down in there. The game will usually pick it up regardless of whether or not the player has it installed on their PC.


Stop whatever you're doing. Drink water. Make a backup of your game.

Drink your backup.

Make your water.

Year-End 2019 Misao Discussion.

I was gonna say

Where the heck did I put an owl in Crescent Prism lol

Loving Doors

I gave Etrian Odyssey I the old college try. I've got a love/hate relationship with it.

I'm assuming they fixed all this in future games.

Other than a few QOL improvements, the games are all very samey. EO1 is pretty much the "gist" of the series and the subsequent installments are basically map packs. If you're struggling to get into now, it's not gonna get much better.