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3at a Cactus - Be in my game!

I want to eat a cactus and possibly cacti

Also that's my line

Afterword - Part I

Geez, this sounds like quite a journey. Shame on that dev for dragging you through the mud, but you should pat yourself on the back for sticking through it all and making the game of your dreams despite all his "real programmer" gatekeeping nonsense.

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Talk about RM Games! Mid-Year Misao Discussion Topic

But given the recent shift in development maybe I should just sit down and play the first damn chapter.

I'll say that the Chapter 1 release of Crescent Prism was sort of a "In case I never get to finish the rest of this" release, so I hope not too many people hold off on playing it lol

Thoughts on Game Endings

I think not having a canon "true ending" is the right choice here, as having one can often deter players from wanting to seek out the other endings if they're not invested enough in your game to begin with. Heck, my game Soma Spirits has five endings, but very few players did any of them other than the True Ending route.

Labeling one ending as the canon, or otherwise the requirement for a "perfect" game can leave an awful lot of hard work undiscovered or even avoided. And it unfortunately mitigates the illusion of choice.

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To be quite honest, the one I usually checked was "Discussion generated last month."

I'm fully willing to eat these words.

RMN's Favourite RM Games of All Time List (2019 Edition)

1. Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass | VXA | Housekeeping
2, Weird and Unfortunate Things Are Happening | VXA | Unity and co.
3. Three Ghostly Roses | VXA | zDS
4. Everlong | TsuK3 | DJC
5. Prayer of the Faithless | VXA | Red_Nova
6. Hero's Realm | TsuK3 | kentona
7. Flatwoods | MV | visitorsdreams
8. Cope Island Adrift | VXA | zDS
9. Steamed Hams but it's RPG Maker 2003 | 2k3 | lordbluerogue
10. Ara Fell | 2k3 | BadLuck and co.

so I didn't do stats this month yet (ending an 8 year run). anyone actually missing it?

To be quite honest, the one I usually checked was "Discussion generated last month." I think there would be more interest if more monthly stats were tracked. Like yeah we all know Pom has forty seven billion downloads.

The Featured Game Thread

I'm ready to Cope with some Islands.