I have created RPG games for 5 years. In Finnish but... They are still pretty good... Still I never published anything full-length game, because I compose a lot and I like to create games for fun.



Dungeon View Maker

Is it just for visual testing?

RPG Maker MZ!

RPG Maker MZ does confirm in its RPG Maker website blog about new features. Graphics of course look gorgeous, but how about what keeps the engine together? Systems, changes to battles and more? Come here to find out. RPG Maker MZ Wiz is going to give you the lastest of news about RPG Maker MZ that is coming out this summer. How does RPG Maker MZ differ from RPG Maker MV?

Reception in Youtube for the first trailer for RPG Maker Mz was 50/50 with likes and dislikes

Nice to see features of RPG Maker MZ in Action. However in youtube comments the reception is mixed and many people show how they are bit concerned. What are your thoughts on the first trailer?

List of new changes made by TitanKaempfer
Well first of all obviously new assets but this was to expect.
0:15 - There is now a list for events on the map right above the list of maps. Seemingly you can somehow switch between this list and the tile set pieces. (maybe the events are shown when you are in event mode and the tileset is shown when drawing the map)
0:16 - The character editor now allows for repositioning generator parts. You'll use arrows to move them around and they're located next to the colors.
0:24 - The show message function has a new input field that is labeled with "Namae" (translating into Name, you can also see it in various database for the name field). It is not shown what it does, but it most likely will show a name when displaying the message box.
0:25 - There seems to be some kind of function to auto complete words/a dictionary.
0:32 - The battle animation tab is seemingly reworked a lot (at least from the order of stuff). It also seems like you can only use one graphic instead of two like you could before which actually would be an downgrade. (But maybe you still can mix them and they just pressed on those only having one graphic set and two would be listed liked "graphic set 1 + graphic set 2")

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Now this brings up an interesting question to me...

is there a degree to which you can remix, remaster, warp, and/or alter music so that it no longer bears its original copyright?

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