How do you design your dungeons?

In a lot of games dungeons are simply random encounter filled areas with very little mechanical differentiation or they lack any puzzles to make them more than just another cave or ancient tower of evil.

So I'm curious what goes through your guys's heads when you design your dungeons. Do you try to add some sort of mechanical spin to make the player think differently? Do you pull a Final Fantasy 6 and have split parties? What is your design process for dungeons?

[RMVX ACE] Failed to start process and Windows can't access specified device, path or file?

Was just doing some casual game maek and got hit with this mess. The failed to create process error comes when I try to test play. The Windows can't access specified device, file or path comes when I try to open a game from the folder. Any advice or should I just move on from VXA and onto MV?

How do you design your battle system?

The last post I made about character skill sets seemed to be pretty popular so I thought I'd make another post along the same lines.

The question this time around is how do you design your battle system? While designing my game I looked a lot at the SMT series of games. I liked the focus on elements and the press turn system I think it's called from Nocturne. I also drew some elements from WoW when it came to designing boss fights and encounters.

So I'm curious, what do you do when designing your battle systems?

How do you differentiate your characters?

So I've started to run into this problem recently. So in my game I have 12 possible characters who can be recruited throughout the course of the game. I've sort of hit a wall when trying to differentiate my three tanks, three healers, three physical damage dealers and three mages. With mages and tanks it's pretty easy, but with phys DPS and healers I'm struggling to make each character have their own identity in combat. Any thoughts or suggestions?

What's up with the home page?

I just opened up the home page of RMN and got a screen saying security was hacked? I'll edit and upload a picture in a bit but anyone know what's going on? Any of the admin or staff have any clue?
EDIT: Here is what I'm seeing

EDIT 2: Also seeing this

Stack level too deep?

I am using four yanfly engine ace scripts and I went to test my battle and I get this error.
SystemStack Error
Stack level too deep

Anything I can do about that?

Whenever I use a buff there are squares next to the buff.

I am using Yanfly Battle Engine Ace and whenever a buff or debuff is placed on a target it appears kinda weird. There are squares like this next to it . It doesn't happen with states, only stat buffs and debuffs. Anyone know how to fix this?

Does anyone know where to find Etoile's resources?

I've been trying to find them for quite awhile for a dungeon crawler I am working on, does anyone have them or know where I can find them?

Hello RMN

Hello guys, my name is Shadowsong and I like to make and play RPGs. See you guys around, bye!
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