gotta go make those games!!!!
Long Way Home
After his ship is wrecked, all he wants to do is go home... But it's not that easy.



Screenshot Survival 20XX

Decided to scrap my side view cliff map after lots of trail and error and go with front view, but taking on board the stilts idea. Still looking for feedback as it looks a bit bland though!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

hi everyone! I haven't touched rpg maker in almost 3 years, until last week. Everything was going pretty swell until I reached this map, its supposed to be an adventurer's guild on a cliff. ( BIG IMAGE AHEAD !!)

...It's been a disaster. I'm not worried about the trees flowers etc. right now (and pls ignore that error at the bottom on the cliff I forgot about!) because I know I can work on them but this building just looks so off and I don't even know where to start with this! Any tips appreciated!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I don't really know what I'm doing but have some screenshots

[RMVX ACE] Windowskins and Font Colours

I don't think you need a script, you just need to edit the windowskin file. If you look at the default window image, it looks like this:

If you look at the bottom right area, there are a bunch of colors. The first color is the color that all of your standard text will be. I'll circle it so it's easier to see.

So if you look at your current window file, if you color that first block white, your text should return to being white.

Thank you Unity!

[RMVX ACE] Windowskins and Font Colours

I have used a windowskin in my game that changes the colour of all my text to black. Is there any script I could use to turn it back to white for the whole game? (title screen, menu, dialogue, etc..)

Thank you!

[UPDATED] Shadski draws stuff

actually i think i'll let you guys be the judge of that

(it's prince zuko, just saying)

and here's some more cartoony stuff

[UPDATED] Shadski draws stuff

Oh, that's sweet! A very sweet hand, you have. You probably could use some more sketching / anatomy and some more perspective, but you have some really nice things right there! I especially like the dance and the piano, as well as your lineless things, although everything here is pretty cool! :DDD

Congratz! <3

Thank you! I realise that my art isn't perfect, but I'm a fast learner so any comments I get now go into my next piece. Thanks again.

[UPDATED] Shadski draws stuff

So I haven't drawn in a while, but I'm just hoping that the generous citizens of RMN might maybe possibly motivate me to make more art. So here you go.

(This is the handsome Priam! From The Haunted World! Check it out. Now.)

I have a lot more but I'm not confident enough to post it so have some old art.

(Do you recognise this lovely laddy? Of course you do! It's Hisao!)

Can a video game change you or your life?

I honestly believe it can, because I feel like The World Ends With You changed the course of my life forever. I'll never get the exact same feelings I did when playing it, or listening to the songs for the first time, but this game really made me realise a lot of things and helped me get over problems. I wish there were more games like this (I do think Dangan Ronpa and Persona come close to me) because it would be great to have video games with such powerful messages, to all video game developers out there, you have the power to change people! Use it for good!

Has a video game ever changed you even in the slightest? Do you believe it can?

Art, art, everywhere... A massive art dump [Updated Dec 6, 2014]

This is the sort of art I'd want to see in a museum.