I've loved video games since I was a child and while my age has changed, that love has not. I wanted to make games years ago but I had to accept that my computer just was not good enough and my knowledge on the topic was limited. I'm happy that with RPG Maker I now have the ability to create my stories and to share them with others. I hope to finish my first game soon.

While I have played and enjoyed many different genres of games, I find that most of my game ideas belong to the adventure or mystery section. At the moment I am working on a mystery game and I hope that will be the first of many.

I'm not very experienced in creating artwork from scratch but I do like to take what is in the RTP and add on to it or change it around. I could, and have, spend hours on Gimp for my characters without getting bored. Someday I hope to learn enough so that I can make my own artwork for my games.

Nice meeting you!



Queen Mary's Script Retold

I enjoyed playing Queen Mary's Script and I'm amazed that this is your first game on RPG Maker. I loved your main characters and was sad to see the game end. With such a great adventure to start with, I'm excited to see what else you come up with.

Halloween Flop

I loved that there were options after losing a battle so that players were not forced back to the menu screen, like some games, to start at the last saved game.

I'm a huge fan of Halloween games but not so much of the horror genre so I really enjoyed this.

Hi! Nice to Meet You.

I guess I got here right in time for the website to move. Oh well...

I'm excited to get to know you all and to learn from the wonderful people in the community. I love making games with RPG Maker VXAce and I can sit for hours making pixel art or just messing with rtp items.

So nice to meet you,

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