Metroid influenced platformer with a few RPG elements.



Her Nightmare: Gem RPG

Very good input, I like idea of shooting the amount of blue gems that are grouped together. This will make combos useful because as of now, they don't do anything! Right now I'm adding a stage selection system which is just a book with pages of single enemies to fight. The arcade style or "infinite mode" will still be available. Hopefully knowing you're only fighting one enemy, you won't feel as rushed.

For the tutorial, I actually switched it to slides with screenshots demonstrating everything. I haven't uploaded the changes yet, but soon I will. The online play stuff is taking a bit longer than I thought it would. haha

Her Nightmare: Gem RPG

I'm still working the online play stuff. Most of the programming will be client-sided, but you'll only be connecting with people you know via ip address. Like this, if someone is cheating, you'll probably know the person.

Her Nightmare: Gem RPG

The game is aimed to be sold on iOS and Android mobile devices, although the PC version will be free. Casual players and people that want something to play during their break at work go for these type of games. It's marketable and the bright colors attract hits.

For inspiration, Puzzle Quest and Puyo Puyo is more like it. The game doesn't work the same as Bejeweled, but it can look similar. The RPG elements change the game. When the game is released, give it try and leave a review!

M.O.G. Music

The theme and name of a song is hard to define sometimes. haha

M.O.G. Music

My second submission, a town theme!

The bustling town.

I like the ambiance in that there, it suits a town scene well. Good job!


Nice style. Everything looks consistent, I like it.

M.O.G. Music

Not sure if I submitted too many entries (18 entries?) They're mostly chiptune/action style loops. I used FL Studio with NES soundfonts with a few free chiptune VSTs. Some tracks might have a kick of hip-hop. I'm always NES and Megaman inspired, so you might hear a bit of that in there too.


Updated the download file - fixed a few bugs.


Nice find phatkookiez, I actually used that exact character as a reference. I'm not that great at drawing big pixel art, just sprites and tiles, so I used that character's shape. =]

Shensetta - The Glory Story

@Ocean - You are right, zombies bypass your defense. For exchange, they are killed in one hit. Good to know that you are enjoying it. =]

@ChaosProductions - That was an old game I had made a while ago. I tossed the source Yusoliafder. Characters from that old game feature in this game. You can say that this game was based mostly on that one. I made the all the graphics for both games, even the fonts. Cool to see that someone noticed. O=
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