Student and creator of Shadowsong series.

"I dream of a world where people are not judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their mug. Coffee all the way."

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Shadowsong: 100% (Complete)
Shadowsong v2.0.0: 0% (No progress)
Shadowsong 2: 70% (Main project - progress)
Shadowsong 3: <1% (Huge project, unlikely to ever be completed)
Death Note: 5% (Paused)

(Hero of) Shadowsong:

Hero of Shadowsong is set in a realm artificially created by magic by seven almighty beings known as the Wathcers. In this terrible and effortless tale, you play as one of the ancestors as one of the great "saviors" of the realm from the first age, and rest the devil watcher, Diablia, as he tries to rise again and bring Shadowsong to it's knees.

Death Note:

For those of you who don't know the plot of Death Note, this game should be incredibly enjoyable and fun to play. The game acts more of a visual novel more than a game, though you do get to do a few things, though this is mainly walking around. The plot summary of Death note is that a man named Light Yagami finds a notebook on the ground that can kill people when he writes their name in it, and he uses it to kill every criminal in the world to make it a better place. He is known, however, by the police, as a criminal himself and is hunted down by the worlds greatest detective, known only as L. It becomes a showdown between Light and L to see who can be the first to find each others identities and then kill eachother.


(Hero of) Shadowsong 2: The Pendant of Infinity

This game is the second game of the Shadowsong trilogy and is the duviest one yet. In this installment, you play as Orion who wakes up in an old couples house one day claiming that they recovered him from a barren wasteland known as the Great Waste. Orion soon remembers pieces of his past and remembers that his destiny is to use the Pendant of Infinity, an ancient artifact held by the watcher of Dragonshore to defeat an elite guild known as the Dark Brotherhood, including their almighty leader, Alastor.



Iniquity and Vindication

Hey, been a while since we last spoke, how's your progression with this game coming along? You seem to have changed a few things in that time which is cool, good luck once again with this, keep it up.



I wonder where they sleep


Does the character sprite change depending on what armour you are wearing?

Or have you just edited it a bit?


Sounds like the ideal workplace.


Will Big Jeff play any role throughout the game? :)


I always thought something was off about Desmond :|


Firing cannons onto a ship only a few feet away from you? Seems safe enough.

Gameplay #5

Typo at 0:13? cazy -> crazy*


This is looking really good :) Although the picture for eturnity looks a little out of place with the other two

Shadowsong Review

The game was put in place to allow space for the more professional production I am currently editing, though this game is still updated every week or so. Good luck next time,

What does that even mean?

I simply mean it would be a little curious if a game titled Shadowsong 2 came out when there were no records of a first game :)
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