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Tod ~ Birth Of Conscienc...
A game about a Rooster wielding a Scythe and killing a Cat.



Year 19

Well best of luck with what you plan to do!
thx :)

Tod ~ Birth Of Conscience

4 dungeons, one for each season, and one additional final dungeon. This RPG uses the standard ATB but you are actively encouraged to abuse it and guard in the middle of an enemy's attack to reduce damage. That's interesting.

Story is vague and almost nonexistent. Only 1-2 characters speak in english for the entire game, and they sounded like ancient roman philosophers so I didnt really pick up on what they were trying to communicate. I only got a normal ending so maybe more story exists beyond the deep void.

The dungeons are all designed similarly, there is a boss and flower that represents a shop in each dungeon, except the final one which has several bosses. The difficulty is pretty fair. There is a crash upon meeting the second to last boss due to a missing file (graphics\battlebacks\senaclouds.png). Also some status effects appear to be heavily favoured over others. I guess I should also mention what strats I used.

Since this is an ATB RPG, I assumed agility would be OP so I went hard on agility buffs. I don't think it was as blatantly OP in this game as it was in other rpgmaker games that used ATB. Crow's heal spells werent very strong either. So I went with HP drain and item effect x2 for the robot. I had MP drain and debuffs for the third party member (almost every boss can be debuffed) and agility buff for the last guy. I really wanted the 1/4 damage guard because I guard alot in fights but it seemed the dev knew how OP those passives could be and had them be prohibitively expensive. Didn't feel like grinding for that even though I could get 4 souls in one turn just farming off the bats near the alcea. I died the first time on the second to last boss but I got past him when I opted to take out the armor first.

None of the passwords appear to work, so I'm not sure how those medals are supposed to be used. Anyway, this is a decent RPG that uses slightly different mechanics than the regular RPG's. Give it a go if you want to try something nonstandard and dont care much for storylines.

Hey, thanks for the review!
So far not everything has been implemented, that's why the medals are currently worth nothing. (I know I said that the game released, I was just too excited to share the core game.) I'll add that in the future as a final update, along with Hard Mode stuff.

Also that a file was missing is beyond confusing to me, since the background stuff should've been there this whole time. (that folder existed for months and I remember I never touched it, but I guess something went wrong :X)
And downloading this back and decrypting it shows me it still exists, actually... lol, I dunno.

But huge thx for giving this a fair shot!

Edit: Forgot to mention how there's also a fair chunk of optional content after the game ends. In all honesty, it's the same length as the regular game, but with lots more grinding for little stuff and piecing together environments and secrets. I think the story, funnily enough, begins after the game ends. I mean, I kinda decided to do that intentionally and I'm sticking with it because it looks nice for me personally and it throws you nicely in a messy situation in later entries.
I guess it would be kind of spoilery to say this, but this entire series will be dedicated to hard core players, who want to see everything. It's buckwild and I know it turns a lot of people off, but if anyone is willing to go hard, I'll gift them hard back with something trippy to enjoy... if that makes sense. lmao

It's out!

Ohh, glad to see this is finally out! Gonna make sure to give it a play sometime soon and give ya my thougths on it. Have a nice day and wish ya a good year of gam mak and relaxing!


Thx Ozzy :)

There goes another month

Looks great, really like your party member sprites.

thx :>

There goes another month

Looking good. I like the idea of monthly updates. Makes it easer to keep whatever people follow your project happy and not overextend yourself by making an update each week. Keep up working on this and I'm sure you'll make it.

Wonder months are usually what gives my projects a lot of progress too, it's just a thing I guess.

I'm a LITTLE worried I'm not gonna make it this year, but since I'm a one man team, I can always resort to that excuse lol.
I'll definitely try my hardest to release it this year though, even if it means it's gonna come down to the last minute of the year.

What was the worst/funniest/most memorable moment you've had while someone else was playing your game?

When my friend playtested my game in an LP and found a major exploit using the final bosses huge big bang attack on himself, by reflecting it.

Good times

Tod ~ Birth Of Conscience

I looked through some of the images and I like your mapping. I like how you give them different "atmospheric"/mood feelings to them.
Thx! :) I was aiming for a mashup of atmospheric/mood + action packed, which is weird, but I myself dig it a lot.

Multi-part songs - jumping to the next loop

No problem! Hopefully you can also get past some of the annoyances like not being able to increase the variables through the menus, the game being unfocused but music still plays(I didn't even mention that one, I think...), etc.

Chilling, but not really

Thx for the kind words! :)
I do genuinely try to flesh out the game right now (for better or for worse, because I can't let go sometimes lol)


ayy, got no results!

So I guess it's only the more popular ones.

Out of all my games! These sir are not my most popular games.
(They don't regularly get a lot of downloads compared to my big ones.)
So I have no idea what their criteria is.

Hey, I know there's this Helazz fella who's all edgy about you guys. Maybe some petty revenge scheme? Then again, I talk out of my butt.

You seem to be around for a long time and I only ever do blog updates and occaisonally ask for help on the forums about scripting.
Then again, I did had confrontations with Helazz, but probably not as much, so he doesn't care about me/forgot about me.

THAT'S JUST SPECULATION tho and probably shouldn't even spotlight it... but you know, I just kinda wanna list possibilities :X
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