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Bullet hell with an RPG engine – Mission Impossible?

I saw a Bullet Hell script in the style of Touhou years ago for RPG Maker VX by tomoaky. You were able to use equipment to determine your shottype and many other customizations.
It gave me an idea to create a Game where you can run around in a sort of hub area and solve puzzles to get items, extra lives for the Stage sections and so on.
There aren't many narratively heavy shmups out there, so that idea could be golden.

Unfortunately tomoakys site is down and the download for the script is lost, but I do still have the folder for the demo with all the essentials.


They look really cool, dude!

Thx :)

[RMVX] Halve/Double Damage after Damage Calculation via State

Everything works just like I wanted it! Thank you so much for the trouble!
Of course, I'll make sure to credit you in my Games for these Scripts. I hope it wasn't too much trouble!

Should any problems arise then I'll make sure to private message you. At the moment there are many battles I need to look through and a lot of boss fights are unique in how they are handled. I am 100% sure that this change won't affect them though.
Again, thank you so much!

[RMVX] Halve/Double Damage after Damage Calculation via State

That's exactly what I want. Just a straight percentile increase in physical and magical damage output

[RMVX] Halve/Double Damage after Damage Calculation via State

If doubling your own damage output, by increasing your own Atk, isn't feasible then that wouldn't be the end of the world, since I do have a backup plan for that.
It'd just be nice to have the option though

[RMVX] Halve/Double Damage after Damage Calculation via State

This solves the issue. Thank you very much!

I'm a lil' embarrassed to admit, but I do not know how to set the state_multiplier(:phys_vul) and magic_vul respectively.
Now, I also assume these are meant for increasing the actors damage output, i.e. apply state to actor so that he/she deals double physical/magical damage.
If that is not the case I apologize for the ignorance, considering my aim, from the start, wasn't it to just have a Defense buff/debuff, but also Strength/Magic buffs/debuffs work this way as well. If it sounded like I was aiming for a just the Protect/Shell Magic like states, then I apologize for that as well lol

[RMVX] Halve/Double Damage after Damage Calculation via State

This does work, however it also seems that it does make YERDs Custom Damage Formula useless, which I wouldn't want.

I will post the script here. It's a bit altered from the original to make the thing work I talked about earlier.

[RMVX] Halve/Double Damage after Damage Calculation via State

Yeah, that's why I said its as old as time itself lol

Another thing I forgot to mention is (And it's probably insignificant to what I want, but mentioning it wouldn't hurt I think) that I do have Yanflys YERD Custom Damage Formula script(If anyone remembers that) and managed to transfer VXs quirky SPIs Defensive attributes against Magic damage to the DEF stat. (In VX there did not exist a MDF and MAT stat and the SPI stat determined how much damage you inflicted and took from Magic Attacks)
Now I'm no expert and am completely shooting in the dark, but I do not believe it would affect the requested script I ask for.

[RMVX] Halve/Double Damage after Damage Calculation via State

VX definitely does not have it, otherwise I would've created these states 3 years ago

[RMVX] Halve/Double Damage after Damage Calculation via State

I honestly don't know what that is. There doesn't seem to be such a thing.

I should also clarify that I am horrible at scripting, I.e. I don't know jack.
I can only edit to a degree and see if it works or not. I don't even know where to start. Except I can look at the scripting for the Guard Command, which halves the damage when received like I wanted it and then just copy paste that part into a state, but then I realized I don't know how to do that lol.
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