Oh my god. This is one of the best RPG maker games i ever played. Just LOVE IT!!

BAD: Finish the first part in 3 hours...

I wait for more.

Thanks Krisana!!

Golden Ark

It Finally works!!

Thank you for fix it!!!

pd: Megaman x Ost... Hmmm ... Interesting XDDDD.

Golden Ark

Well ... I'll try that, after the download is available again.

Alter Legend - Download Finally Available!

Yeah... Please...No MORE hiatus games... ;_;

Golden Ark

I keep getting that message...

Why always happen this? ... 'SIGH'...

Golden Ark

There is an error message when i enter in the first battle:

"The file building cannot be opened"


Golden Ark

WOW! I love the sprites!!

I hope you can finish this game. :)

Jaquio: Angel of Death

WOW! This game seems amazing!!


Revelation Chronicles: Edel Sky

Hey man. The games what i like is something like this:

I hope you can make something like that too in the future. You have talent for sprites like this.

Revelation Chronicles: Edel Sky

what happen with the previus chapters??
They're all included in the game.

Ok, thanks!!

ps: Do you now where i cand fin more rpg maker games with sprites like this??

I'm really tired of the small ones...
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