Summer Movie Wager

Well another month has passed so time to check up on some movies!

There's been some rather big disappointments (in that they haven't made money, no judgement on the quality of the actual films) which is shaping up to make this quite interesting.

Now Spider-Man is just days away to completely mess up the rankings. But for now these are the rankings that Toy Story 4 has managed to stir up.

Current Rankings (might be wrong because last time I doublechecked after posting and some of my point values were wrong, but whatever who checks, right?):
Shinan: 46 points (+38)
Addit: 40 points (+17)
pianotm: 39 points (+15)
oddRABBIT: 36 points (+10)
Cap_H: 33 points (+20)
kory_toombs: 32 points (+18)
kentona: 30 points (+21)
AtiyaTheSeeker: 24 points (+8)

I noticed I had quite the rise in this month. That's because Men in Black and Dark Phoenix underperformed and are currently at the bottom of the top10, meaning they'll drop out very soon turning my current 14 points for those into 0 points...

(Current top10 1.Aladdin 310m, 2. Toy Story 4, 250m, 3 John Wick 3, 160m, 4. Pokemon, 140m, 5. Pets 2, 130m, 6. Godzilla 2, 110m, 7. Rocketman 85m, 8. Men in Black, 70m, 9. Dark Phoenix, 65m, 10. Ma, 45m)

RMN's Favourite Video Game Tracks of All Time

Most games come out on all the things though.

But I guess it makes sense in the way the music was different depending on the sound chip back in the days. (The Secret of Monkey Island theme sounds very different on different chips!)

RMN's Favourite Video Game Tracks of All Time

Now let's see what I missed that others picked as the bestest.
I have realized I have missed SO MANY
There are some awesome ones that I love which I totally forgot for my 10 picks, like Moonlit Wilderness from Tekken 5, but it's all good. It really is hard to pick your ten absolute favourites, for sure.

Yeah shortly afterwards I remembered Little Trinketry which should probably be #2 or something like that.

Also I think a less diverse list would probably be game songs with lyrics. Because I feel like there's been a bunch of actual songs in games more recently (and some old classics as well) and they are usually only a couple per game instead of the hundreds of favourite instrumental tracks.

(basically a reason to include stuff like Still Alive from Mirror's Edge, Late Goodbye from Max Payne 2, A Pirate I Was Meant to Be from The Curse of Monkey Island, Exile Vilify from Portal 2, Awesomenauts Theme Song, Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap from Parappa the Rapper or War Has Never Been So Much Fun from Cannon Fodder :))

RMN's Favourite Video Game Tracks of All Time

Alright so obviously this is impossible. But I'll just do ten random great ones (without having seen what others have picked so far):

10. Office (from Frozen Cortex)
9. Microprose Soccer Theme
8. That's Death (from Discworld 2)
7. Max Payne 2 Theme
6. Icarus (from Deus Ex: Human Revolution)
5. Still Alive (from Portal)
4. Build That Wall (from Bastion)
3. Where Are You (from Thomas Was Alone)
2. Deionarra's Theme (from Planescape Torment)
1. The Secret of Monkey Island Theme

Now let's see what I missed that others picked as the bestest.

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

Summer Movie Wager

Well we're one month in and Wick 3 is doing crazy money. It's looking to beat both Detective Pikachu and Godzilla based on opening weekends (Wick 3 made 56mil, pikachu 54mil and godzilla looks to do 50mil)

Of the other major contenders Aladdin is doing alright (sitting at near 200mil after two weekends). But there are a bunch of movies yet to come!

But current standings (after only one month, so these are not even close to final):
oddRABBIT: 26 points
pianotm: 24 points
Addit: 23 points
AtiyaTheSeeker: 16 points
kory_toombs: 14 points
Cap_H: 13 points
kentona: 9 points
Shinan: 8 points

Upcoming movies of interest:
June 7: Dark Phoenix, Secret Life of Pets 2
June 14: Men in Black International, Shaft
June 21: Toy Story 4, Child's Play
June 28: Yesterday
July 2: Spider-Man: Far from Home
July 19: The Lion King
July 26: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
August 2: Hobbs & Shaw

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

They are professionals. One huge loss is no big deal. In fact I think a close overtime loss might be harder on the players because they were so close. While a beatdown just means you don't have to try as hard and can start focusing on the following game immediately.

(and the beatdowners might also become overconfident)

Of course my first sentence was that they are all professionals so none of this might have any tangible effect at all!



I have the game and wouldn't mind playing together. Of course I'm in the EU region and I don't understand enough to know how cross-region play works.