Summer Movie Wager

It's that time of year, or this is the third time I'm making this topic so it's sort of a tradition by now.
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The rules from last year's topic:
So you make a top 10 list of movies you think are going to do well this summer (and three dark horses, and possibly three more dark horses, see below*)

The rules from last year's topic:
Summer Movie Wager Scoring:
  • Getting number 1 or number 10 dead-on gets you 13 points (each).

The rest of the scoring goes like this:
  • 10 points for numbers 2-9 dead-on
  • 7 points if your pick was only one spot away from where it ended up
  • 5 points if it was two spots away
  • 3 points if your pick is anywhere in the Top 10
  • 1 point for each dark horse that makes it into the Top 10

The scoring is tabulated so that you get the SINGLE HIGHEST point value for each pick- that is, if you get number ten right, you don’t get 13+3, you only get 13.

*In addition the "international dark horse" that I had last year will also be a thing this year. Pick three movies you think will make the top10 international box office but not the US box office. Any correct choice will be worth one point.

Like before I'll use Box Office Mojo. The reporting for international box office is slightly wonky in that it's not entirely up to date all the time. But most of the points are from US box office anyway (and basically because of this)

This year it'll actually start a bit earlier than usual because I follow /film's schedule which determines summer to start when Avengers: Infinity War opens. Which is the last weekend of April. The boring side of this is that this means we all probably know which movie is going to be #1. The good side of this is that there's a site where you can write in your picks and follow in real-time how they do (I know I'm the only one excited about this but whatever)

So because of global warming summer this year goes from April 27th to September 3rd. List up people!

(oh yeah and as before there is some small prize to whoever wins. In the past it's been Steam games and that's the easiest but if you hate steam or hate games I'm sure we can work something out)

Another Discord Tabletop Roleplaying Game

My schedule made it so I am not able to be in Morgan's Penance anymore. But it did whet my appetite for more tabletop roleplaying over discord. So I'd like to run a game. If anyone wants to join. (And warning, I haven't GMed anything in over ten years, so I'm probably rusty)

The schedule would be around 6/6:30pm - 9/10pm GMT on either Saturday or Sunday. I know Morgan's Penance runs a bit into that, but there's enough unused voice chat channels and if possible I'll run mine on the day that the Pathfinder one doesn't run. (so that when I can rejoin the Pathfinder one I'll be able to! :)

Rulesets though guys?

I have considered three settings. The first one is the one I want to do the most. But I'm pretty sure the other two could be fun too.

1. Cyberpunk
Based around the Swedish RPG Neotech. It's fairly classic cyberpunk, highly lethal, in the overcrowded dark future. The ruleset itself is fairly complicated but I have simplified it in the past for an over IRC version. Depending on how much people want to get into the rules part of it. I would love to do the full ruleset but I also understand that 1. I haven't played it in like ten years and 2. It's in Swedish so it'd be hard for other people to read up on the rules.

I also have a couple of modules for this game that I could possibly run straight up. If I can find an old Con-game I found online ages ago (I can't find it when googling, but I might have the files on some ancient flash drive) that could do well for a short introductory adventure.

Basically I would love to run this if people are up for it.

2. eSF-RPG
This is an old homebrew Sci-fi world I made ages ago. It's heavily inspired by Warhammer 40,000 but has a slightly lighter touch. More like the original wh40k rather than the superdark version nowadays. The game would probably be about low-level "regular" people within a vast uncaring system. I bought the Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition for use with this world waybackwhen. Though I've never actually run Savage Worlds but it could be used as a base.

This one would probably be either a military-based game. Or a game about a crew of some sort (with NPC 'crewmembers'). And I recall that Savage Worlds had some nice ideas about player controlled NPC allies which would fit nicely in a squad/crew mentality. (and also provide cannon fodder when the going gets tough :P)

3. Post-apocalypse
There is a Swedish RPG called Mutant: Undergångens Arvtagare ("Mutant: Heirs to the Apocalypse") which has a neat world (it also has older and newer editions, but the UA version is the one I own). And it could be cool to run some kind of postapocalyptic game. I will admit I haven't thought too hard about this one. But it'd probably be set in the Nordic postapocalypse, so that'd be fun :)

The thing the game has is sentient animals. So players can play as mutated animals as well as humans.

Alright so this was way more text than anyone should have to get through. But hit me up on discord though Direct Messages or in the #chatgames channel on the RMN Discord. Or post here. On most weekdays I'm online on Discord (and usually at home and available to voice chat) 8-10pm GMT.

And as I said the Cyberpunk one is the one I'd like to do most, the other ones are mostly there as backups in case everyone just really hates cyberpunk.

Summer Movie Wager

I made a topic last year with the exact same name (just so that when I search for it in the future I'll be confused about which is which), it's about this summer's movie and how well they will do in the US (and possibly abroad).

So you make a top 10 list of movies you think are going to do well this summer (and three dark horses, and possibly three more dark horses, see below)

The rules from last year's topic:
Summer Movie Wager Scoring:
  • Getting number 1 or number 10 dead-on gets you 13 points (each).

The rest of the scoring goes like this:
  • 10 points for numbers 2-9 dead-on
  • 7 points if your pick was only one spot away from where it ended up
  • 5 points if it was two spots away
  • 3 points if your pick is anywhere in the Top 10
  • 1 point for each dark horse that makes it into the Top 10

The scoring is tabulated so that you get the SINGLE HIGHEST point value for each pick- that is, if you get number ten right, you don’t get 13+3, you only get 13.

This time I'll also provide the dates. Movie that open from May 1st to September 4th count. And the cutoff date for counting them moneys is also September 4th. (So a movie opening on September 4th is unlikely to get very high on that list even if it makes buttloads of money later)

Also again, my source will be Box Office Mojo. The main game counts US box office. But I'd like to have some kind of special category ("international dark horse" maybe) where you could put like three movies you believe will show up in the international box office top 10 but not in the US one.

Opinions on this? Maybe one point for each international dark horse you get right. And it would be excluding the US from its numbers. (If Box Office Mojo can do that easily, otherwise it'll just be worldwide I guess)

So is there any interest in this for this year? For some light reading on what is coming up this summer there's /film's summer movie preview and IMDb's summer movie guide.

Like last year the winner can get like a steam game or something else that isn't too expensive or too much effort. :)

RMN Diplomacy [Winter 1906]

Alright so I've been thinking about this for a while. Would there be interest in playing some Diplomacy?

It takes seven players and it is the game of intrigue and warfare that has broken up friendships since 1959.

The wikipedia page and this site has the most basic overview of the rules. I know there was a Diplo game attempted once before here (many years ago) but I'm pretty sure it stalled at turn three or four. Such is the game of Diplomacy.

The game on the first turn:

But signups. Join if you want to. I will be the gamemaster and handle the orders and you will never be friends again. Sounds like a plan?

When you sign up also state which faction you'd like to play as (British, French, Italian, German, Austrian, Russian or Turkish)

If you have any questions. Feel free to ask. I'm usually terrible at explaining these things.

Current signups:
1. NeverSilent - Germany
2. OzzyTheOne - Russia
3. pianotm - Turkey
4. ESBY - France
5. TonyThomas - Britain
6. Dudesoft - Austria
7. Kloe - Italy

Another rules overview:

Previous turns:
Spring 1901 Resolution:
Army bud - > rum (bounced with sev -> rum and returned to where it came from)
Fleet tri -> adr
Army vie Hold
Fleet edi -> nth
Army lvp -> yor
Fleet long -> eng
Fleet bre -> mao
Army mar -> spa
Army par -> bur
Army ber -> kie
Fleet kie -> hol
Army mun Hold
Fleet nap -> ion
Army rom -> apu
Army ven -> tri
Army mos -> ukr
Fleet sev -> rum (bounced with bud -> rum and returned to where it came from)
Fleet stp -> fin
Army war -> gal
Fleet ank -> con
Army con -> bul
Army smy -> syr

Fall 1901
Fleet adr -> tri
Army bud Hold
Army vie supports adr -> tri
Fleet eng -> bre (bounced with mao -> and returned to where it came from)
Army yor -> bel Convoyed by nth (bounced with bur -> bel supported by hol and returned to where it came from)
Fleet nth Convoys yor -> bel
Army bur -> bel
Fleet mao -> bre (bounced with eng -> bre and returned to where it came from)
Army spa Hold
Fleet hol supports bur -> bel
Army kie -> den
Army mun Hold
Army apu -> ven
Fleet ion -> adr
Army tri -> vie (dislodged by adr -> tri supported by vie)
Fleet fin -> swe
Army gal -> bud (bounced with bud and returned to where it came from)
Fleet sev -> rum
Army ukr supports sev -> rum
Army bul Hold
Fleet con -> aeg
Army syr -> smy

It is now Winter 1901. Time to build new units.

Winter 1901 build orders:
France builds:
Fleet in bre
Fleet in mar
Germany builds:
Army in ber
Fleet in kie
Italy builds:
Fleet in nap
Russia builds:
Fleet in stp (north coast)
Army in war
Turkey builds:
Fleet in ank

Spring 1902:
Army bud Hold (dislodged by gal->bud supported by ser)
Fleet tri Hold (dislodged by adr -> tri supported by ven)
Army vie -> boh
Fleet eng Hold (dislodged by mao -> eng supported by bre, the support from nth is interrupted by hol -> nth)
Fleet nth Supports eng (but is interrupted by hol -> nth)
Army yor -> lon
Fleet mar Hold
Army spa Hold
Fleet bre Supports mao -> eng
Fleet mao -> eng
Fleet bre Supports hol (but hol moves so the support doesn't do anything)
Army ber -> kie
Army den Hold
Fleet hol -> nth (bounced with nth and returns to hol)
Fleet kie -> hel
Army mun -> ruh
Fleet adr -> tri
Fleet nap -> ion
Army ser Supports gal -> bud
Army ven Supports adr -> tri
Fleet swe Hold
Army gal -> bud
Fleet rum -> sev
Fleet stp (north coast) -> bar
Army ukr -> rum
Army war -> sil
Fleet aeg -> gre
Army bul Supports aeg -> gre
Fleet ank -> con (bounced with smy -> con and returns to ank)
Army smy -> con (bounced with ank -> con and returns to smy)

bud retreats to vie
tri retreats to alb
eng retreats to wal

Fall 1902:
Fleet alb Hold
Army boh -> mun (bounced with ruh -> mun supported by kie and returns to boh)
Army vie -> tyr
Army lon Supports wal
Fleet nth Hold (but is dislodged by hel -> nth supported by hol)
Fleet wal Hold
Army bel -> pic
Fleet bre -> mao
Fleet eng Hold
Fleet mar -> spa (south coast)
Army spa -> por
Army den Hold
Fleet hel -> nth
Fleet hol Supports hel -> nth
Army kie Supports ruh -> mun
Army ruh -> mun
Fleet ion -> gre (bounced with gre and returns to ion)
Army ser Supports tri
Fleet tri Hold
Army ven Supports tri
Fleet bar -> nwg
Army bud Supports rum -> gal
Army rum -> gal
Fleet sev -> rum
Army sil Supports kie -> mun (but kie doesn't move to mun so the support does nothing)
Fleet swe -> nwy
Fleet ank -> con
Army bul Supports gre
Fleet gre Supports bul (but is interrupted by ion -> gre)
Army smy Hold

It is now Winter 1902. Build and disband.

Let's game together

I know there's been a couple of these topics in the past. All of them amounting to nothing. So most likely nothing will happen with this one either. But we a steam group (that I never check, but it exists) and we also have that discord server thingie.

So we should game together. There HAS to be some game most of us have. (one that is not a single player 50-hour RPG.) Or even a couple of us have. I have many evenings 4pm-9pm GMT free. I should just remember to get onto Discord and do a bit of the gaming.

Personally (it is probably known) I play a fair bit of Rocket League. And playing a bit of Rocket League with RMNers is something I think could be a lot of fun. I also have some fairly common shooters. (though I don't have any of the blizzard games) Tabletop Simulator is another possibility to try out some board or card games.

See I'm really bad at selling this. Mostly because in the past the response has been unenthusiastic. But games are more fun with other people and with the easy-to-use discord channel I feel like in-game communications could be very easy.

It would be nice to get like a semi-regular gaming gettogether thing going. I have loads of evenings off for about a month or two. So is anyone interested and in what games in that case?

Here are some of the games I think could be fun together:
Rocket League (up to eight players in a party for 4v4 fun, but the game also supports just about any party size up to that and still be a fun experience)
Awesomenauts (the game is 3v3, but the bots seem decent enough to play with if we don't want to go online properly)
The Showdown Effect (this is a fun little 2d actioner that I think can take quite a few players. I've at most played it with five or so and it was frantic fun)
Helldivers (4-player co-op thingie with friendly fire)
Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball (I haven't played this much but it seems like random frantic fun)
Lethal League (Beat 'em up-y little game about... I think hitting a ball into each other)
Speedrunners (2d running... I think it takes up to four)
ACE: Arena: Cyber Evolution (f2p hockey game 3v3. I haven't played it in like a year and it was in early access so it might have changed a lot)
Shootmania Storm (an arena shooter with some pretty fun modes for varying amounts of people. The main modes I've played have been the 1v1 and 3v3)
Running With Rifles (massive warfare and dying a lot. Together.)
The Ship: Murder Party (it's like mafia on a boat, though it has some technical issues meaning that it might be difficult to get to run. But when it works it's a lot of fun!)

I'm basically just listing random games at this point. There's a lot of games. Most of the games listed are fairly short, so makes for a nice quick get-together actiony bit. I also wouldn't mind some team shooters like. Rainbow Six: Siege, Verdun, Insurgency or something like that.

Summer Movie Wager

Alright so I just listened to the /filmcast episode on their 2016 Summer Movie Wager. And maybe this could be a fun activity for any film fans on RMN.

You make a top 10 list of movies you think are going to make big bucks this summer (+ 3 "dark horses") and then score it and see who wins.

The rules from /slashfilm:
2016 Summer Movie Wager Scoring:
  • Getting number 1 or number 10 dead-on gets you 13 points (each).

The rest of the scoring goes like this:
  • 10 points for numbers 2-9 dead-on
  • 7 points if your pick was only one spot away from where it ended up
  • 5 points if it was two spots away
  • 3 points if your pick is anywhere in the Top 10
  • 1 point for each dark horse that makes it into the Top 10

The scoring is tabulated so that you get the SINGLE HIGHEST point value for each pick- that is, if you get number ten right, you don’t get 13+3, you only get 13.

The rules as stated also only counts American box office and I will use Box Office Mojo as the source. US-only is fine by me. So the top list should be what 10 movies do Americans most want to see.

So is anyone up for it? I'll make my list later. And anyone participating should have their list in by Sunday (short notice I know but I only just thought of this).

And to make it more interesting. The person who wins could get a prize! If we can't come up with a more fun price I'll just give out a Steam game (or GOG game or whatever).

RMN Movie Club

So some time ago the thought occured to me that it might be fun to do a kind of movie club thing here on rmn. Surely there are people interested in movies. The idea being having a movie a month or something that everyone watches and then there's some discussion around it. Preferably of the really pretentious kind. I mean I was sort of thinking that we could watch some black and white and subtitled movies that are on those lists of "oh that sounds cool I might check it out some day but probably not because there's a new Marvel movie that I definitely will see before I'll ever see this". The best would be if it's movies all (or at least most) of us haven't already seen.

On the RMN Slack there's a movie channel called #slacksucks. It's a good starting-off point for some discussion but we could probably also do it on the forums. This topic is just some random thoughts that here now in the end after some rambling will ask the most important questions.

1. Who is in and/or interested?
2. What movie should we watch in January?
(On movie choices since it's a whole month maybe it could be a good idea to have some kind of thematic double-feature, two movies with similar themes or director or something else. If nothing else we could also compare and contrast and whatnots)

For my choices one thing I've wanted to do that I have watched way to little of is Ingmar Bergman. But I guess everyone else has already seen all of his movies. (yes I have not seen the whole seventh seal I will leave any kind of movie interest card at the door)

January movies:
Phantom Carriage
The Adventures of Prince Achmed

February Movie:

Terry Pratchett is dead

So apparently one of the best comedic writers of our time has left us. To avoid the rush.

This is... deeply upsetting. I mean I've rarely cared before about "celebrity deaths". But this one is getting to me just at this moment. Few people have had as much influence on the way I view the world as Pratchett had through his books.

So yeah.

Year end lists

So the year's about to end and the time has come for people to recap the year. With lists. Obviously. So ehat are some of your year end lists? Best movies, best games (boardgames, computer games, rmn games), best all kinds of things.

Everyone loves a top 5 or 10 or so. I'm compiling some of the usual lists for my blog (tv, movie, game). So far I've only done the TV list, which I might share. But really I'm thinking this could be the place for some lists.

My TV shows of 2014 list:

10. Black Sails
9. The Walking Dead
It's getting good again after being not quite as good.
8. The Musketeers
Swashbuckling fun. And Peter Capaldi!
7. Bluestone 42
Army workplace comedy in Afghanistan. What could possibly go wrong? Except things blowing up of course. Damn insurgents.
6. Rick & Morty
Insane animated shenanigans. Without being too random and having just right amount of heart. (I don't know about you but so many animated things are just random for random's sake. I feel this is not that)
5. Agents of SHIELD
After a rocky start it got good. It got REALLY good.
4. Brooklyn: 99
Workplace comedy in a police district. With such a wondeful cast that I think actually made me fall out of my chair laughing at one point. I mean damn. This is great stuff.
3. Sherlock
It was in the early year. But it's Sherlock. The Batch is the Batch is the Batch. And Martin Freeman is awesome too.
2. Orphan Black
Orphan is the new black.
1. Game of Thrones
Because of course. It's game of fucking thrones.

So. Lists?

Hockey Card game mechanics idea feedback question thingamajig

Alright so this is going to be a fairly specific text about some specific ideas that I essentially just got and haven't tried at all so... But I want to see if people think this might work mechanically or if it is dead in the water gameplay-wise.

So with the "revive the dead" I remembered an old hockey card game inspired by "Soccer Cards" that I tried to make. It came to a very early stage where I realized I didn't have any good ideas on how to implement something that seemed at least a little bit like hockey.

Well last night I went to bed and some ideas came to me. There's been lots of digital card games in recent times so now I guess the game is not really very inspired by Soccer Cards anymore but is a hockey card game inspired by... loads of other things.

Here starts actual description of gameplay mechanics
The idea is thus. You pick a team consisting of six players, three attackers, two defenders and one goalie. Each player has a stat and five cards attached to them.

Each card has a stat for an offensive play and a defensive play. Some cards might also have special actions or reactions (I'm thinking maybe tehre's "penalty" cards of "icing" cards or similar)

At the beginning of the game each player draws six cards, one card from each of their hockey players' stacks. A turn works so that you try to move the puck forward. The puck can be either in your defensive zone or in your offensive zone. If the puck is in the defensive zone you try get it to the offensive zone. And if it is in the offensive zone you try to score.

An offensive move works so that you take the value of each of your attacking players, compare them to the value of the opponent's defensive players and then add a card to this mix. The opponent then also adds a card to his mix and you compare numbers.

So for example each attacking player has a value of 50 and each defensive player has a value of 50. You compare these numbers (150, three attacking players vs 100, two defensive players) and add the values on the cards involved. The result is the percentage chance to succeed. (so if there were no cards involved, there would be a 50% chance of succeeding)

A scoring move on the other hand would work a little differently. You pick only one player and use the dranw card attached to said player. (you have one card for each playe rin play) This would then be compared to the goalkeeper's value and a card. So instead of a three vs two. It's a one vs one situation to make a scoring play.

A period would take ten turns (each turn is one offensive and one defensive, so it'd be 20 total turns, one minute per turn). So if each player has 5 cards attached to them you'd use 20 of a total of 30 cards per period. Every time you use a card, you draw a new one from the used player's card pile. This could also mean that if you use one player's five cards you'd be unable to draw another card and would have to make do with a smaller hand size.

Now these are the mechanics I had in mind. there can be all kinds of variants and the numbers obviously have to be tweaked so that the game is somewhat balanced. I'm thinking of this as a single player experience because I don't know how to do multiplayer so it doesn't have to be completely balanced.

So far it's also completely an exercise in math. I have no idea how this will actually play out (will scoring be too rare? too common?), but these are numbertweaks that'll show up in actual testing.

Some of the added things I've thought of so far is the ideas of action cards. "Icing" would be a defensive play that makes an offensive move automatically fail. "penalty" would take out an opposing player for two minutes, making it harder for them to do things (offensive moves would be two vs two or defensive moves could be three vs one). The idea with cards attached to players is also that a player might have low stats but good cards or good stats and bad cards or maybe one good card and many bad ones or other such things.

My question is essentially if this system seems sound on its surface or if there are some obvious breakable elements in the very basic version of it? And also does this at a glance seem interesting to play?

And obviously if you have ideas for special actions and player gimmicks that's fun too.
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