For starters, I would say I'm a decent person and mature enough to take things seriously.

Unlike most people if you say something rude to me I'd do the following

1. Ignore you
2. Say something that'd make you cry
3. Stop talking to you until you make an apology

Well fellow Donut addicts you can check me out on youtube!




Digimon World Ace: The Lost Symbols

To back what Yvy has said, we've made a few adjustments here and there, even to the gameplay, and it's much better. Can't give anything away but I think you all will be blown away with the changes we've made. The code chest is different too. Can't say how though.

I've been thinking about asking Yvy to post another demo, but not sure if we should.

Our main goal is to keep our fans happy as well. If you want to see another demo, let us know below, and we'll begin discussing when we might release our next. May not be right away, but we will discuss it.

Thanks for playing.

It's an honor to be the first to comment on this decision! I'm looking WAY forward to NEW gameplay! I have no problem with the RPG style type but I'd prefer something more digimon-ish I didn't wanna be pushy, But you guys read my mind for me!

Speaking of the different chest codes, That'd also be a great adjustment to the puzzle factor of things I really would enjoy it either way for the digicode chest type or a different style that may be easier for other players.

After, All I'm not the only person on earth and I'm sure other people have tough times with the chest puzzles.

And about the main goal, I'm sure you succeeded in making one person so happy right now.

So my final thoughts about a second demo.


Well, I am a impatient person although it would be nice to get a better worked on final version edited and satisfying but...

I'm sure other people really want more content and it would keep the fanbase and ratings up on this game if you did release a V2

I hope a V2 is released cause I really want to dive into more of this game.

Corpse Party - ever after -

I love this... Game. Fan-games of corpse party are so good but not finished... This game might be dead but I still have hope for chapter 4 to be finished one day.
I'm glad you liked the game. While this game's not yet dead, it's under hiatus and being remade. (Let's say... Rebuilt. Sorry for the Corpse Party inside joke.) The recent blog update I made will tell more on the matter and some preview of the rework.

Oh COOL well I'll just keep this page hanging in my browser history while I wait for an update! Keep up the good work.

April was a Fool

author=]And maybe... Just maybe
Make out[/quote

Wow, Been a while since I played dating sims.

Congratulations you earn a donut for earning my intrest.

Desperate Love Feast

I just started playing and... all I can say is that this is gonna be ONE long journey, Seriously you got my expectations up the ONLY thing I wanna add is that you may wanna change the download name to "Desperate Love Feast" cause people might think they downloaded the wrong game.

Final Fantasy: Chaos

Well with school and other projects, it's hard to say, but if I had to estimate, I would say during April for sure :3

I see, School can be pretty consuming and stressful so take your time. Looking forward to playing like most final fantasy games there is multiple endings and the excitement builds up in me...

Final Fantasy: Chaos

Okay! I'm a RPG fan and a Horror fan, And this looks promising do you think you can estimate when a demo will come out?


It's a deduction puzzle. Basically you have to identify the unlabeled chemicals by running a series of tests. There's notebooks next to each test that tells you which chemicals will react to the tests and which won't. You might need to write it down to keep track of it...

If you can't figure it out the solution should be on here somewhere. It's probably the most complicated puzzle in the game and one of my favorites. :)

Ohhhhhhhhhh I think I get it now that was simple thinking back! Thanks, by the way I really enjoyed this game and would love to play it again for fun in the future!


I am stuck on the chemical solution problem I don't understand this at all q.q


I've found a bug... a one with the menu screen.

In case 4 the objective says "Search the slums for missing persons" When I finished the case hours ago.

Eh, Nevermind that just saying this game is epic and keep up the good work with your future projects c:

Corpse Party - ever after -

I love this... Game. Fan-games of corpse party are so good but not finished... This game might be dead but I still have hope for chapter 4 to be finished one day.
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