Forgotten Nightmares
Where your mind is your PRISON, and where your Reality slowly shatters...




Amazing~ Your art has been improved quite well Shira. Did you practice? I can tell ;)

Thank you :D


Holy... This is huge! And we can go into all those buildings? Or at least some?

Also, check the spelling on the top of the map. It says Frsaken.

I just notices it... Oppsi ^^'

ALSO this is a THIRD version of this... there were 2 others... bigger -__- So if you think THIS is huge...! And yes, you cab enter to some of the buildings~


Much better!

Indeed :D


This is what I do when I draw art for my game:

1) Hand draw and scan it in. 1:30 hours

2) Open up in your image editor (I personally use GIMP) and instantly re-size it to the correct ratio. 15 seconds.

3) Use that lovely Line Tool to trace the outline for everything. Since you have a background as well, you would probably be better off tracing the character on a different layer. 45 minutes.

4) Now, if the character is still too thin, you can re-scale the character without messing up the background. 10 seconds.

5) Color. Because you're working with a smaller image, it's much quicker to color and shading is easier as well. Still a lot of time, but you can get it done quicker. Then again, I suck at shading, so it'll probably take you much less time.

Hope that helps.

EDIT: Then again, I'm not exactly the best artist myself. Take what I had to say with a HUGE grain of salt.
So after a fierce battle, I managed to re-size and edit the title screen :D it is bigger then seen here, for this is a snapshot of how it looks like in-game!


Somehow Eve is even thinner.

Other than that, though, it's much better! The outlines are much more defined and it's easier to tell what is what.

The problems with re-sizing T-T BLHA ><
But other then that, yes, you can finally see details you couldn't see before :D Like Eve's arm XD
As for the re-size problem... I just need to find a better program or website for that matter..
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