Fallen-Griever's Review Thread

True on the NPC front, though I tend to do things like oldschool 2D RPGs. I'm a big Lunar fan, hence the comical and conversational NPCs. I'll definitely take that into account, though.

Good point on the HP and TP items. Definitely gonna spend some time fixing that. Especially since I've introduced the magick system, and enemies weak to elements and such, so refilling TP's gonna be a big deal.

Fallen-Griever's Review Thread

I'm glad you addressed some of that, Greiver, there's some definite things I need to look into! Particularly item prices and effectiveness. I'm curious as to where you've heard some of the music, though. Much of it is either custom stuff (the battle BGMs are almost all custom stuff I can't even find anymore. Glad I kept 'em! :D), and jazz midis from artists' websites. I thought I was keeping the soundtrack fresh... >.>

I thought I did put in some "world culture" NPCs. But, I guess I didn't add enough if you missed 'em. Duely noted.

I'll fully admit, though: rip source consistency is not a priority for me. Don't know what that makes me, but there ya go. I like my maps to look how I want, and I can't make my own graphics, so there ya go. :p

As long as it looks nice...

And yeah, I'll admit, it's pretty old-style RPG Maker. Those are the games I like (I tend to enjoy the RM2K classics over newer stuff, personally), but yep. I'll cop to that.

Nice to see you brought up the gimmicks, though! Good to know they keep things fresh!

Sorry, but I love the idea of making fangames.


I am now upset that this is not real...

Personally, I believe some genre of games lend themselves better to fangames than others. There's some amazing Mega Man or Mario platformer fangames out there, for instance, yet I haven't seen a CT or FF RPG fangame that's even come close to being worth a damn...

What are you working on now?

Making a fuckton of magic spells... Including doing a lot of custom battle animations.

Gran Yggdra

Gotta say, I really like the character designs in this game, ESPECIALLY the main character. Very unique, yet very practical. Excellent job on that front!

What are you working on now?

Balancing writing a script for one comic I'm working on, devising a pitch and script for another one, AND trying to progress a little faster through Money and Power, to get the second demo out ASAP.


Fallen-Griever's Review Thread

Thanks! Much appreciated, man!

Fallen-Griever's Review Thread

Hey F-G, just wondering if you had any time/openings for a new game to review? If so, would you mind terribly taking a crack at my game? I'd like to have some more input, to better tweak and balance the contents of chapter 1 while I work on chapter 2.

The game can be found here:

I'd greatly appreciate it! If not, no biggie, but it would really help me out.


Fantastic piece of art!

Day Job

I have to commend you at least for attempting to emulate Hybrid Heaven. That was a definite unsung classic, and I always liked its fighting system.