I am into just about every genre of game really. My brother and I grew up dabbling in RM2k3 on occasion to the point where hearing the RTP soundtrack brings a wave of nostalgia, so I'm most familiar with that engine as far as RPGMaker goes.

Check out my game I'm working on!

Legend of Alkior: The Impending Storm
Tension between two kingdoms rises as the seal on the renegade archmage, Xargath, inevitably fades and must be promptly restored.
Legend of Alkior: The Im...
Tension between two kingdoms rises as the seal on the renegade archmage, Xargath, inevitably fades and must be promptly restored.


[RM2K3] Easy way to show small dialogue boxes in DBS?

I would just like to know if anyone else experienced with RM2k3 knows of a way to show smaller dialogue/message windows during battle that aren't the bigger 4-lined message boxes (the same kind that the default start-of-battle message can appear in) without having to show pictures or something way more complicated than it's probably worth for my game.

I want to know if I am possibly missing an option in RM2k3 that should be obvious or something like that that I just never realized.


[RM2K3] Battle event not being called every time that it should

I have a Battle Event tab that triggers on "Turns Elapsed ", which should mean once every turn. However, if I just let all enemies attack at the start of a battle, sometimes the event doesn't trigger on their turn if they have the same AGI stat value as other enemies. It's almost like their attacks all come out at once too fast because the event will be triggered for the first few/several enemies and then the last couple will decide to skip the event trigger and just do their attack. A couple scenarios: 4 enemies doing a volley of attacks, only the first 3 trigger the event; 8 enemies doing a volley of attacks, only the first 5 trigger the event.

Has anyone else experienced something like this?

This could very well be an erroneous thing about RM2k3 that I will just have to deal with if there is no kind of successful workaround.

[RM2K3] How can I create a release version of my game with only runtime application visible?

Topic. I want to avoid having resource files, map files, etc. be visible inside the same file directory as my game. Thanks for the help!

[RM2k3] Doing some quick tests/calculations. Unexpected results. Front/back row damage multipliers?

For balance's sake, I'm trying to accurately compare the strength of skills as defined in the database to the regular Attack command. Here is the test:

I made a new skill that uses 10 ATK influence (no INT inf. or variance or uses attributes or conditions) that reduces HP (does damage). This skill has 0 effect rating so the skill is only based off of ATK influence.

I thought that this kind of skill should equate to a regular attack command. However, after using both an attack and the skill on the same enemy, attacking with the same character (so ATK/DEF on each side should be the same), these are some samples:

206 damage with the new skill. (the same every time because of 0% variation)
297 damage with the Attack command.

Now, if this skill was of the same power as the attack command, then 206 would be the average (0% variation) amount of damage dealt with the Attack command. However, this cannot be as the attack command's variation is only +/-20%. Therefore, I should be seeing only about 165-247 damage dealt with the Attack command.

I'm not sure why this is happening...Thoughts?

Looking for new RPGMaker. Differences between RM2k3, XP, VX Ace?

Hello, I have had plenty of experience using RM2k3 and am thinking about working on something in VX Ace. What are some of the differences between them that you might not notice at first? Obviously, the DBS is different from RM2k3's default side view. What are some of the things that VX Ace didn't bring back but were replaced with scripting? I've heard stuff about the mapping being different like the autotiles being weird. Could someone give more info on this? Thanks!


I just recently generalized this topic to RPG Maker XP as well, since there might be some minute differences that make it easier to use, etc.

[RM2k3] "Label Loop" Issue -- Will sometimes exit loop by itself?

I am using RPG Maker 2003 (with only David Patch) right now for my game Legend of Alkior. Basically, my current goal was to have an ability where you hold down a key (in this case the SHIFT key), for a specific amount of time and then you have to release it with proper timing. However, on occasions that almost seem random, the game will respond as if you had released the key when you definitely did not, thus resetting the amount of time you have to charge the ability.

For a visual of what my goal is, take a look at this demo I just released yesterday at about a minute in. It looks like I am missing the timings on purpose, but I am actually struggling with this bug of sorts. This "bug" will persist until something seemingly switches on/off. For example, I just found recently that minimizing the game while it's running will possibly change it from always resetting involuntarily to always resetting voluntarily and vice versa. If resetting voluntarily, the bar will increase until it hits the top and then decrease until it hits the bottom and then repeat until the player releases the key.

This is really strange. I have isolated just the one parallel process event that tracks how long you have been holding the button onto a separate map, and I also gave all parallel process common events that usually had no trigger switch a trigger switch that would never be turned on while testing this. This was to remedy what I *thought* was a problem of parallel processes interfering with each other while running in tandem.

The algorithm uses this basic structure. I am emulating a loop with labels to avoid extra lag:
<>Label 1
<>Key Input Processing (Shift key only; no Wait before proceeding; store in variable X)
<>If X is Shift key
<>Increment or decrement ChargeLevel variable
<>Update picture for Charge Bar
<>Wait 0.0 Sec (This is just enough lag that the bar will quickly move up/down at the right pace.)
<>Jump to Label 1

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for the help!

[RM2k3] Any way to change damage attribute of basic enemy 'Attack' command?

Is there any possible way I can do this? It would probably have to be done with a patch/plug-in of some sort. Any help appreciated.

This would affect enemy design for my game because my Protect status condition works using attributes to cut the resulting attack damage in half. However, the 'Attack' command does not have the 'Physical' attribute. I would have to give monsters more physical skills to compensate, but stuff like attack accuracy/player evasion wouldn't work the same with a skill as the regular 'Attack' command and other conditions like Mute could interfere.

What exactly do the 'Charge Up' and 'Self-destruct' enemy commands do? (e.g. How strong is the self-destruct attack? How much attack boost does Charge give them?)

Customization of temporary party members' equipment?

This is a question I've been asking myself: How customizable should equipment of temporary/non-permanent party members be? Should items be removed from the character upon leaving the party? This wouldn't always make sense, especially if the character in question is still alive (they aren't just going to give you all their clothes and then wish you farewell, lol). However, leaving equipment on a character as they leave leads to other problems. While playing games, I don't like it when a party member, who I recently equipped with a rare, powerful item, leaves the party, and then I'm either forced to reset or I'm stuck without said item for an indefinite amount time. This would be more simple if every character had all unique equipment, but let's say that there is at least some cross over in customization. Another solution might be to lock all customization of the character's equipment, but then that might give away that the character is temporary (although an alternative might be that the character just possesses equipment that would be overpowered for the rest of the party at the time).

Assume that the character in question may or may not return to the party. Also, assume the player has never played the game before (i.e. ...
(FFT spoiler/reference)
no declothing Gafgarion and then wailing on him in the next fight)

Would any one like to weigh in on this matter?

Or maybe, are temporary party members something to avoid altogether in the first place?

[RM2k3] Borders for randomly-moving touch encounter monster events

I am working on touch events for monster encounters and wasn't sure what the best way would be to create invisible barriers on the map, so for example, the monster could not walk up and down stairs or not end up walking clear to the other side of the map. I figured someone had done this before and didn't want to reinvent the wheel for this. Thanks for any help!

Also, I currently have a parallel process event, separate from the actual monster event, which makes the monster chase you if you get too close.

[RM2k3] Have a physical skill be affected by a Blind status condition?

Simply, is there any way to do this (ideally without extra patches/plug-ins)? I am looking at eliminating enemies' standard attack and just using skills, but then, at least right now, their regular physical skills will never be affected by my Blind status. I already have physical/magical attributes in place, which has fixed RM2k3's damage formulas so far, so maybe I could use those somehow to solve this problem?
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