Dialogue when recruiting characters

Let's say you made a game with one of its main features being a character recruiting system. The system is akin to a visual novel where you are presented with things to say, affecting the outcome of the event. The characters you recruit are unique, and therefore the recruiting dialogue will be unique. What will be your conversation style, length, and quality?

(I need examples!)

[rm2k3] Character has a skill but can't do it?

Alan (30 HP, 29 MP, 10 STR, 7 DEF, 5 INT, 8 AGI)
Skills -> Blind 2 MP (able to do)
-> Sudden Strike 10 MP (cannot do)

Weird because he has enough MP to do it. And yes, the MP costs aren't percentage-based.

[rm2k3] crit calculation?

Is it character crit percent+weapon crit percent? Or does terrain and conditions also affect it?

[rm2k3] Is there such thing as auto-importing the RTP files to a project?

Takes up so much time, so I'm wondering.

I'm continuing my project on another computer but the RTP files didn't copy onto it.

[rm2k3] on Windows 7?

Anyone here using RM2k3 on the Windows 7 OS? Will rm2k3 work? If it does, will there be any problems?

[rm2k3] Which file is the file where all "Database" info is stored?

I'll be using another computer to work on my games since the one I have now is practically crap >.>

Anyway, I read up that if you'll continue to work on your game on another computer, it's best that you have your database file so that you don't have to copy paste the info. I know one of the files in the main folder is the database file, except that I don't have a clue on which one.

Okay, so what else important things should I save from the folder aside from the database file, my resources, and the Map files?

What program can I use for making music?

Yeah now I'm getting tired of RTP music. So I wanna make my own, or a remix of the present tracks in the RTP. what programs are good?

[rm2k3] the Picture won't show up on the coordinates I've inputted

Parallel Process
<> Show Picture 1, light radius, (31, 14)

There's a fire that (should) emit light on 31,14. Whenever I enter the map, the picture (which is a light radius) shows up on the upper left of the screen, not on the fire. Whenever I move, the pictures moves with me. I even made sure that "Picture Scrolls with Map" was unchecked. Here are some screens.

picture configuration

making sure that the coordinate is correct

testing it in-game

Am I doing something wrong here?

[rm2k3] Messages while the screen is hidden

I'm pretty sure that messages would show up while the screen was black (Hide Screen command). now, it doesn't work. any fix on this?

it's something like:

<> Hide Screen: Default
<> Message:
Hello <------- the message would show
<> Show Screen: Default
<> blablabla

Voice acting in games

i've never played an rpgmaker-made game that has voice acting, so i was wondering, that if someone did put VA'ing in a game, would it make a nice game element?
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