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LavenderSiren's Two Strangers: Third Stranger has my vote for "Eye Candy" Award.

Seriously, just look at those screenshots.

Screenshot Survival 20XX


Thanks, Gretgor. I do plan on getting rid of that radio filter, and possibly adding in subtitles later, so hopefully everything should be easier to understand once I get the next version.

Lots of RTP edits for this one...

Looks pretty nice. I don't use MZ, so I'm not sure what you edited, but I like how the building looks. Very posh.

Bounty Angel

Not really. The sequel takes place fifty years later with a mostly new cast of characters. One girl does return (and mysteriously hasn't aged a day since then) but playing the original isn't really necessary to understand the sequel.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Dang, Side! That looks so good. All the animations are top notch. Are you doing all the 3D?

Thanks man. Your stuff is awesome too. The amount of personality you managed to cram into that penguin is insane.

And, for the most part, yes. The only thing I didn't model in that scene is the enemy pilot, but I do plan on replacing him eventually.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Did some more work on Bounty Angel 2.

Made a new starfighter model, gave it some animations, and now they can sometimes use missiles. Still have a lot of stuff I want to replace and redo, but I'm happy with how things are starting to come together now.

The battle starts at around 0:40.

There's a staff born every minute

Can't think of someone better suited for handling the Misaos than LordBlueRogue.


I like the floor pattern. Reminds me of Earthbound.

[RM2K] [RM2K3] RM2K/3 games with the most...

...player characters?

My guess would be Legion Saga 3, though I'm not exactly an expert or anything.

[Maniacs] Custom Battle Interface 1

Yup. The EULA does allow you to patch the editor as much as you want.

Good luck getting the rest of the code working.

[Maniacs] Custom Battle Interface 1

-When i try to battle, this error message appears: Invalid picture ID#0 (Internal Error Information: LGD_Picture.pas, line 526). I think that is a problem with the Show Picture command or the Show String Pictures.

Picture IDs in RPGmaker 2003 need to be between 1 and 1000 (not completely true, but whatever). Looks like you're trying to create one with an ID of 0.

My best guess is that you skipped a step and didn't set Variable 28 B.UI_Picture to 22.