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Oh awesome, on the bright side, every other side quest can be completed with no problem! A bit of a warning though, for the Book of Wonders quest, there are some books that can be permanently missable, mainly the book that's inside of the first ship you end up boarding! Just a little heads up :)

So I just checked again, and yep. Penfriends definitely does not advance the Fruit Growing, as it's supposed to. I double checked several times, did the quest immediately after entering Mithros City - it's all the same.
Only actually completing all quests in the city before the castle advances it. So you have no way to complete it before sailing off and after that, it gets stuck due to missed timing triggers.

EDIT - Scratch that. Apparently, not even solving Mithros City without Castle advances this. Again, I just checked 3 times, with different approaches, it behaves the same.
At this point, I'm reporting this, as a definite quest bug.

Lakria Legends

Yes, the fruit growing quest can become locked or bugged I think later on, since I started using the timers in-engine for other purposes in the story, so it like overwrites that quest. I never did get around to fixing that, sorry :/

Don't worry about it, at least I'm not THAT far into the game, so I can simply start over, carefully saving this time, so the quest can go smooth.

Lakria Legends

After starting to play it, I can confirm that Fruit Grow quest has some sort of a broken trigger, and does not advance beyond Raspberry part for me.
The guide mentioned the Penquest should advance it, it actually does not, so you will never be able to advance the quest, before going to Dimora.
I'm already at Alfard, and it still remains stuck.


Glad to see you are working hard, man. These changes to dual wielding nature looks good, but will probably require extensive testing still. The strength level shouldn't be too low for the penalty, though.

As for me... HALF the walkthrough is done. I was working like crazy the whole summer, so I couldn't find much time to complete it, sorry. Nevertheless, it WILL be done.


What the fek is up with those monsters immune to the normal/physical attacks and then having only 1 of 3 heroes with a spell that actually works against them?! Terrible!

These enemies are not that common. By the time you meet them you already should have a few sufficient ways to deal with them. If you can't... well, that's your problem actually. I'm guessing you are in the Void right now? Get Julia a Censure and Sammy Holy Wrath. Not a problem in the slightest.

Also, I'm sorry, I don't have much free time on my hands right now, so no feedback in nearest time. Simply no time for games... yet.
The walkthrough is being worked on though.


Yeah, I see that practically all my suggestions made into the game. Thanks, DJC, for your hard work, I'm going to enjoy some Everlong this weekend then.

Also, yes, the work on the walkthrough is being done. I'll probably provide some feedback this Sunday too.


I think there's 40+ locations, I have them in a spreadsheet along with Memory Beacon locations and anything else included in the Finder Display visual.

...Can I have this spreadsheet, please? Would make my work on this walkthrough much easier. As for Jack, I took some of the list from the old forums already, but I'm ready to compile the list by locations, if needed, even if I have to play for a while.

Once the player starts using the rebirth mechanic to gain levels past the normal limit, it's assumed this difficulty option will be turned on, hopefully restoring some challenge to these types of super enemies.

Yeah, that's what I mean. If the player wants a challenge, he can just toggle everything back and then fight the upgraded version of these super monsters. Along with...

The upgraded drop mechanic will only work for monsters encountered solo or with others of the same type, but this includes most foes I intend to adjust. Improved drops will probably consist of stat boosters and powerful medicine, but I might sneak some ores or other rarities in there with a low percentage to be selected as the item. drops from these enemies, which will then have some rare items as you said. Now this will be a great motivation to try your luck against encounters and restore Monster Hunter Island to the glory it deserves. Those who want to enjoy the story or have enough of farming can simply skip it or toggle it off, no big deal.

The reading and exposition is far too excessive. I totally understand and forgive players who run out of patience and skip through the dialog. I'm still (pleasantly) surprised when some players talk about how seriously they considered the plot and characters. The JRPG cliches used to be much more numerous, but there's still a number produced by lazy or rushed development. Definitely breaks the narrative when juxtaposed with newer dialog and scenes. Fixing the Flidais and Return to Auctus scenes is much more realistic a goal than inserting the lost character arcs.

Eh, you actually shouldn't be surprised, in my opinion. Oldschool jRPGs strive on stories and characters, that is their main attraction. Nowadays more jap devs rush to compete with West. It came to the point when even almost blatant copying is acceptable. Since this game positions itself as a some sort of tribute to old games, people actually must be happy to see that things like plot are important.
As I said, I have some radical suggestions concerning the story in my mind, however, if it's too excessive and tiresome to you, you don't need to do it. I wish I knew about RPG Maker and programming stuff better to help you, but unfortunately, I too am a busy man. Changing some small scenes in order to imrove narration and dialogue flow is already pretty good, so thank you for your hard work.

There's plenty of Soul Seal items, and ways to acquire them. This would provide the item earlier, making battles against condition heavy foes easier, but not reducing the challenge to trivial. I was more concerned if the reward was enough motivation for a tedious quest.

That is true, but I think that between Comstock and Elves, for example, you can still acquire only two so far. So adding another one to help the party would actually be a tremendous help, since it protects THREE party members from status effects. It's still a large chunk of the game.
Or maybe you can place Prism Ring there. I think you can only find one before the Elves so far.

The Aegir battle is pretty early in the game to have Fusion, so I wouldn't expect most players to have access to that spell, but it's definitely superior as a non-elemental spell unlikely to trigger counter attacks.

Fusion isn't actually that hard to get. At worst, all Vetu skill shards would be just relocated to this skill. It doesn't matter much, since this is the only spell he will be using, though. Also, at this point of the game, this is the only way for Vetu to deal a considerable amount of damage without risking constant death.

Your heroes were definitely underleveled, but 95 is the upper adjust limit for Nemus Aevum. I checked the code and the logic is sound, but it's possible some other script is operating in parallel and causing issues. I made some modifications to prevent this, but if you have a save file from just before this error occurred, that would be extremely helpful in ensuring the error is eliminated. Otherwise, I'll have to try and recreate it.

Unfortunately, I don't have it anymore, since it was rewritten by another save, sorry. Nevertheless, I think it should have jumped from lvl 90 to 95 in this case, correct? If you already made some modifications, it should be fine.
I don't complain anyway, hahaha.


I really, really like this artstyle...

Proxy Pattern

It absolutely does. Cyberpunk RPGs are so few here, especially the completed ones. Subscribed.
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