What is a Challenging RPG?

To bad that video is in Japanese so I don't know what that ironclad strategy is or how it works.

I don't understand completely, but this is what I could make out of it:

The main component for the offense in all 3 battles seems to be using the chemist's Dragon Power to greatly boost outgoing damage (character level is a damage multiplier in FF5 and Dragon Power increases it by 20 for the battle, which is a pretty large boost when their actual level is at 1). Most of the rest can probably be surmissed visually with some familiarity with the series: party wipes are avoided with the likes of elemental immunities, evasion, becoming untargetable, Cover (plus damage&death not resolving until the entire move is completed), and the chemist's whole party revive.

The initial barrage in the first battle is survived by using Dragon Shield for fire+ice+lightning immunity. Bartz then X-Fights the dragon to death. In the second fight, Jump is used to avoid attacks and Hide is used to survive to then revive the jumpers after they die from counterattacks. In the third battle, Levitate is used along with Dragon Force to additionally grant earth immunity.

Pronunciation Guide!

I must point out that if it's intended for it to be pronounced like Zhang1/章, the "zh" combination in Mandarin is pronounced more similarly to j/dj than z, which means Zhang ends up sounding a bit like John.

Soul Shepherd

I don't know if this can happen with other enemies, but a panicked Cancer attacked nonstop until it naturally resulted in a game over. This happened in 2.04 and the panic effect was caused by Blitz.


"Script 'Window_EquipSoulSkills' line 38: NoMethodError occured.
undefined method `skill_id' for nil:NilClass"

The game crashes and I get this error when trying to view a homunculus's soul menu. It happens even if I get rid of all the souls by shattering them. It wasn't happening at first, even after I had acquired a sahagin soul. Maybe it only happens after acquiring a certain number of experience points as a homunculus.

Wine & Roses

Shooting Stars seems to be giving a +150% critical damage bonus rather than the +50% indicated by the skill description.

Also, it'd be convenient to have some sort of radar/map to help know where there might still be previously skipped demons (or even overlooked gifts and such).

Brilliant Victory ~ Wine & Roses Released

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Japanese Translation (Minor)




Breath of Fire II: The Fated Child (XP)

Name change suggestions:
Rinpuu -> Linpu
Woren -> Huren

They happen to be リンプー (rinpuu) and 虎人/フーレン (fuuren) in the Japanese version which seem to be transliterations of Chinese. Huren (or 虎人) means tiger people.

Soul Shepherd

I tried fighting Kerberos
and it seems he has breaths of all 3 elements rather than only ice. I assumed he only had ice because I only got that far into the battle before (when my characters only had ~600 HP) and he's blue. Since I had not yet thought of getting the Cancer's Aura, I don't think I would've been able to keep up with the damage anyway.

It looks like I'll also need to acquire the !Heat skill, but I don't remember which enemy has that.

Soul Shepherd

I'm not sure where to go now.
I've reached the end or the sealed doors of the caves connected to the towns, both forests, the water cave near the house, and the harpy mountain. I've unsealed the angel and demon doors, but I don't know how to open the others. I think I've obtained every kind of soul so far except for Isonade. Am I now supposed to fight Cerberus? I imagine I'll need to use Warmth+Weak+guard to survive his ice attack.

Also, at the location with the 3 treasure chests in the water cave, there was a chest that was already opened when I got there. Is it supposed to be like that? I had opened most (or all?) of the other chests before getting there.