RMVX, Custom Exp TNL?

I'm asking specifically for RMVX, but it'd also be interesting to know how to do this when using the other RM versions. I've tried Google and searching other forums, but it seems like nobody asks about this (I've only found one topic and it's dead).

I'm wondering how to change the amount of experience each character needs to reach the next level without being limited to the built-in exp curve (that thing involving basic/inflation). I've looked in the script editor and found exp/levels being mentioned but I do not understand how those work yet (such as @exp_list).

Perhaps I could an example on how to do something as simple as making (Total Exp Needed) = 100*((Current Level)^3)?

RM2K3, Horribly Slow ATB Bar?

I've looked through up to page 10 of this board and couldn't find an answer. There also doesn't seem to be a search function so I couldn't search either.

I've tried playing a few RM2K3 games recently (Heroes' Realm, Generica) but the battles take a very long time because the ATB bar seems to charge up unusually slow. Everything else seems fine. Character movement speed is pretty fast and the battle animations don't feel choppy.

This problem was much worse in Heroes' Realm than Generica for me. In HR, it might have taken around 30 seconds (didn't actually count) to fill up a character's ATB bar while in Generica, it was slightly more playable thanks to it filling up after only about 10-15 seconds (actually counted). Still, it feels quite slow.

I was not running anything else that could have mattered much (I even tried closing almost everything for Heroes' Realm). Is there a way to fix this or could this be how it is supposed to be?
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