I am amateur game developer, and even more amateur reviewer, currently in and out of college.

I am currently developing a game called Eternity: The Black Star along with Solitayre, which is nearing its first release.

I have extremely high standards, so please don't be offended if you believe that I have reviewed your game unfairly. My focus is on improving the body of a work primarily by pointing out what I think are its flaws, but feel free to ignore me if I am wrong (and I will be).



April 30th, 2010: T minus...

I will be checking this out soon. Probably not as quick as Sol since I'm pretty busy lately but I've really been looking forward to this.

Einundzwanzig: Well...

Work on it when you can, as long as you're still having fun with it. Even if you have to give up your hobbies for a bit you'll be able to come back to them someday.

Good luck with everything.

Interest Check for final leg of project

I would like to see this completed. It is in fact fun to play, and I think it would be worth taking the time to finish the last few floors and wrap it up.


I like ideas 1, 2, 4, and 5.

I'd like to see #1 more than anything else, and as for #5 I'd say only take consumables and make them as rare as seeds are currently.

As for your question on #2 I prefer method A, since a boost in a certain OOB would make me think about taking other characters, but having another party member absolutely excel in a skill I was terrible at would more or less force me to take them along. Though depending on the implementation I could see B working too (such as having other characters progress in their OOB skill as they level).

A call for hellspawn! (beta testers)

I've sent my test notes to your mailbox. I may give this another shot soon but for now I'm going to focus on my own game for a bit.

A call for hellspawn! (beta testers)

I'll give this a shot.


A break can be good. If you're not having fun working on your project there's a good chance the development is going to suffer. Better to return and work on it when you can feel excited about it again.

Back to Class

Curse the lack of an edit button on comments.

As for class promotions those would be Ninja Pirate, Conspiracy Theorist, Loquacious Lecturer, Panhandler, and Dictator.
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