Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I just finished playing through this for a second time and wanted to once again say how amazing this game turned out. The humorous dialogue with all of the references to various final fantasy games is just so much fun to read.

Thanks again!

I'll also chime in and agree with the previous posters that yeah, Karina with ultima weapon and some buffs like Valor is just laughably overpowered. It seems like ultima weapon ignores the "multi hit" penalty of Offering, so you get 4 full powered attacks when using ultima weapon. I think in the original FF6 ultima weapon worked the same way, so maybe it's intentional.

You get the weapon so late in the game anyway that it's not really a balance problem, but it kind of overshadowed everyone else in the roster while clearing the postgame dungeon. I ran Karina with 3 supports (Divinus, Elysra, Cassie) and they just buffed up Karina and let her tear down every optional boss in like four rounds by herself.

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

Been slowly playing through this when I have free time and figured I'd leave some thoughts. I'm currently just starting the sealed cave in the underworld, and my team's around level 35-37 or so.

It's interesting to see some of the storyline changes you've made. I notice you definitely like killing off some of the main characters! I was kind of hoping Edward would play a bigger role in this game (with an updated skillset), but nope. On the other hand though, we get to play with Golbez on the team, so that's definitely awesome.

There does seem to be some wide gaps in character balance though.

When he first joins the party and for the next like 8 hours of gameplay Golbez was a total putz, dealing pitiful damage with his tier2 spells to the point where he actually did more damage with his melee attack instead of casting magic, which didn't seem right for such an iconic and powerful mage. Just recently though Golbez has started to learn the tier 3 spells like Blizzaga, and those deal FAR more damage than the tier 2 spells, and he went from weakling to my best aoe damage dealer. I think the problem was that there was too much of a delay for him to learn the tier 3 spells, or the tier 2 spells just deal too little damage, but anyway now he feels like the supreme mage he was meant to be.

Kain doesn't really have many options in combat (just like the original game), but even so he's definitely my best single target damage dealer by a long shot. For boss fights I now basically just give Kain haste and let him deal all the damage by himself while the rest of the team supports with buffs or heals since it's almost not worth them attacking for ~500 damage or so while Kain is dealing 3000+ per instant jump attack. I think it would have been interesting to give him some other options, like maybe elemental jumps or something, just to make him less one dimensional. He's definitely plenty powerful already though.

For the "main" character, I have to say Cecil feels like total dead weight on the team. His damage is pathetic, dealing maybe 500'ish damage per attack (compared to Kain's 3000+), and his heals are even worse, barely able to AoE heal for like 150 health with Cura. On boss fights, I'll have Cecil use his first two turns to cast Protect and Shell, then he doesn't really do anything except feed an occasional Ether to Golbez. Feels wrong for the main character to be the weakest unit on the team. Maybe he learns some powerful skills later? I'm not sure, but right now around level 35'ish he's definitely just kind of there with minimal team contribution in fights.

I don't have much to say on Porom. She's the team healer, and she's good at what she does. She has high speed, a huge MP pool, and her heals are sufficient to keep the team alive. Can't really ask for more than that I guess.

Anyhow, tonight I'm going to tackle the sealed cave. Been having fun with the game, and the boss fights seem very well tuned to be a challenge. I just wish Cecil was more useful :)

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

It's a playstation controller hooked up to PC using an adapter.

I've been playing with the keyboard (which is awkward, these games really are made to be played with a controller) and been having fun so far. Just finished Mount Ordeals.

If you know of a way to get my gamepad working (it's not an xinput gamepad) then that would be useful, but the game is still playable with keyboard if not.

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

I downloaded this and went to play, but for some reason my gamepad won't work? It works fine on other RPGMaker Ace XV games, but for this one only the keyboard is working. Any ideas?

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

It's definitely Miracle Shard he's asking for (and a Beronian Wine, but that's easy). I think the only Miracle Shard's I've found were from treasure chests, but I fed them to my units for the stat boosts when I had trouble with the end-boss. If they can be found as loot or stolen from an enemy, hopefully someone can post where.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

Thanks Varn, you rock!

I had talked to the mysidian elder before, but I guess not while Kappa was in the lead. Talking to him with Kappa as leader triggered a quest update, and then I found the book underground easily. Unfortunately, next step he wants a miracle shard and I've already used them all...

Yeah I agree that it seems unusual that the end guy is so extreme. I was able to beat Ozma and everything else so far in the game, but the endboss is still crushing my team.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

So I'm nearing the end now, final dungeon but backtracking to do some optional stuff. Few questions about that (and a bug I found):

First, the bug. I entered Barrington in the third world map. When I left it teleported me to the first world map sans airship, so if you save inside the town you're screwed.

Secondly, where is Lysha? Where is Kappa? What else am I missing? I already have Carina and I attempted Ozma and got my ass handed to me. What else am I missing? I haven't finished the Necropolis yet (but I'm playing Duder's file and I'm not sure if he did it already). Also, whatever happened to Edric's sister?

Edric's Sister is in a new house northeast'ish of Barrington next to a big lake that appeared. She has a cutscene and a gift if you visit.

Lysha is in the MistWalker outpost and in the Fahlud castle (seems like a bug). After talking to her in both locations she will join the team.

Kappa is in the necropolis, but you may have to clear it and the boss, then leave and come back for him to appear (he wasn't there on my first clear, but was after returning later).

Also, for my own question, do you know if Kappa had a pre-quest before wanting to go to Mysidia Archives @Varn? I brought Kappa to the archives, put him in the party lead, and tried to interact with every single inch of the area but he never interacted with anything.

Another sidenote, now that ribbons are fixed I tried to fight Necron again. When getting him to about 70k life remaining he used an attack called Oblivion which dealt around 8,000 damage to my entire level 60'ish team (which had about 6500 hp each), which instantly killed everyone even with shell and protect active. Maybe I was too low level, but I'll be honest, I don't feel like grinding an extra 10-20 levels just to beat the final boss since that attack felt kind of over-tuned. Just my opinion of course.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

Two questions:

Where can I find Redwood for Caraway (the hermit on the ocean island).

Kappa mentions wanting to go to libraries, but I brought him to every library I could remember and he didn't say anything. Does he actually have some kind of quest or was that just background lore?

Also, I found a third atma fragment right next to the endgame optional superboss. I'm crying inside that I can't go back for Atma Weapon....

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

If it's the part of the game that I think you're talking about LeucreRhedix, then you first need to find the crystal which was somewhere in the top left'ish area of that cave (I think). After the scene with the crystal then you should be able to continue through the mountain.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

That's strange, it worked for me when I walked through the maps. I'll upload a quick fix.

That worked, thanks! Was able to backtrack all the way to the world map this time. Now time to work on some optional content :)
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