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March Lord

I only got to where the player was killing the vermin. It's got a lot of fixing to do. For one, when I walked into the chicken coop and left, I was transported somewhere far from the chicken coop area. I like it so far, though. I like the idea and the thought put into it.

That biggest iconset ever?

I think this is part of this collection, there is credit given for various sections

Large Icon Set

Ho boy. Thanks. I'm only going to use the icons I need anyway. I removed the lower half of the icon set.

That biggest iconset ever?

It's awesome and everything with the endless icons and contradicting styles, but I've no idea who to credit here. Does anyone know who I need to credit for these?

Game Over Screens (FREE RESOURCE)

Some purty gameover screens, right therrr.



Varied Window Skins

I like the 2nd and 9th one.

Pixel Parallaxes

I bet your hands were freaking sore! These are gorgeousssss.

Female body template

JS Actor_01 (Alexis)

Lovin' the purple haair!

Nivlacart's Monster Girl Pack

Bat is my favorite. ;u;