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[RMVX ACE] How to recolor sprites?

How would you go about recoloring a sprite to a different color a more easier way? I know there is an easy way.

I asked this same question many years ago but I can't find my old post.

Can't edit my profile?

I've been trying to change my password(I reset it hh) for the past two days, but I keep getting this page.

At first, I just shrugged and went to go change my avatar instead, but then I got the same page again. After a while, I finally realized I couldn't edit anything! nooOOO. Do I just continue to wait or what?

That biggest iconset ever?

It's awesome and everything with the endless icons and contradicting styles, but I've no idea who to credit here. Does anyone know who I need to credit for these?

[RMVX ACE] Anyone know the name of this program?

A long time ago, I downloaded this program to tell me what coordinates I needed to place my portraits where I wanted them for RPG VX Ace and some other engines. I can't remember, but I probably deleted that program after I went on hiatus.

If I remember correctly, I would upload my picture into the program. Then it would show on a black screen for me to move it to an exact spot I wanted, telling me what coordinates it is. Anyone know the name to that program? I can't fraking find it. And I know it exists, 'cause how else do I have my portraits perfectly placed?!

I require assistance (again)

I'm feeling lazy could anyone turn this sprite's skin green?

I already did half of it :x
It's supposed to go with these


Need help with making a face!!1!

Can someone maybe shrink this to 96x96? When I resize it, it gets a bit pixelated!

Or could anyone take this picture and make the background transparent? :D If you can~
Thanks! Oh and I use RPG Maker VX Ace

Pick a title for me?

I'm debating on which titles I should use. Could you choose for me?
Thieving Cow
Secret Tobi/Cow
Tobi's Tale
:D? What do you think

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