Sir Subtle's Musical Beginnings

So today I'm sitting down at my computer and, as I usually do out of boredom, begin something new in FL studio. I'm always starting anew and as a result my hard drive is absolutely FILLED with 30-second snippets of songs, all abandoned before I go on to the next idea. I feel like I need to get all these songs out there rather than just let them idle on my machine.

All of these snippets are no longer than 30 seconds, criticism appreciated :)

Edit: by the way I recommend using the darker play button, the lighter one absolutely destroys sound quality.

New Project with RM2K/2K3?

I'm pretty new to the Rpg maker scene so I may be asking the obvious here:

Is it feasible to create a new game with this old engine when there are newer versions out there? Is there anyone partial to the blocky look of the old engine or is the general consensus in favor of the newer XP/VX variants?

I'm not really leaning towards either side yet, opinions appreciated
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