Sacred Earth: Memory
After a mysterious tower suddenly appears, stretching endlessly to the heavens, a group of friends choose to set foot inside, and investigate just what it's appearance means for their future.



Don’t Throw Away That 2k3 Just Yet

RM2k3 was my JAM for a long, long, long, LONG time. But even I can see and understand the inherent flaws in the engine that not even the million dollar miracles, Cherry, Bugmenot, Corti, Kazesui, and other DynRPG Legends can fix.

........The sheer database lag when projects get too big. I'm sure you must have experienced this already with Monopolo, Soul Ninja, or whatever else you've worked on in your RM career(actually what ARE you working on now? I'm curious). It's inevitable and it hasn't been fixed. I dunno if it can even BE fixed. But it is a huge downer. :(

It's a shame too because I love my RM2k3 incarnation of SEM to death. I think it's the truest, purest form of the game, and I will never get it to be that same way in VX Ace or whatever for a small list of reasons I won't go over.

2k3 not running on newer machines at an increasing rate is also a problem. We shouldn't need to make the end user jump through hoops to play our games when the time comes.

But be that as it may, even if my usage of 2k3 is slowly dying a pitiful death, I still support DynRPG and the cool fixes and patches that are being made for it. But the inherent engine flaws make it an unwieldy engine for me at the end of the day.

Which is sad!

Staff Choice Awards 2009

In before rage and disagreements.

On Story Structure

As someone who is completely useless at storytelling and writing, this is a very valuable resource. Thank you for this. :3
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