Sacred Earth: Memory
After a mysterious tower suddenly appears, stretching endlessly to the heavens, a group of friends choose to set foot inside, and investigate just what it's appearance means for their future.



Sacred Earth: Desire Review

Thank you for the review! I wasn't really expecting anyone to play it given my relative lack of presence around here, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Aetherion Review

Oh hey, you're alive! I did see a game in IGMC 2017 that I suspected was you two now that I think about it. Good to see you're still doing the thing.

As for Aetherion and exploration, you could always do something like Riviera: The Promised Land, and have something like painted BGs on a small handful of maps that tells a story or sometimes has a battle on each one, to support the VN format.

Or you could do something like Record of Agarest War, and put a bunch of different nodes on a BG of the dungeon as a whole to scroll through. Probably with attrition resources and the like to manage.(This is what I usually do)

Aetherion Review

I remember really enjoying this game too. Shame it won't get 'finished' in some form or another. It had a lot of potential.

I wonder what that mad duo is up to nowadays actually.

Red Syndrome Review

I'm still waiting for Alter Aila Variant: Episode Bird.

Sacred Earth: Promise Review

Also, speaking about Perrine, I’m guessing that's Patchoulli and you just decided to change her name? Either way, I like the new name, Perrine, a whole lot better.

Yes, Perrine is Patchoulli. Honestly I had no problem with her old name whatsoever, but my writer partner for this iteration has said on multiple occasions how dumb a name it is. ...I decided that if he could come up with a better one, I'd take it. He came up with one. I took it, heh.

Admittedly there has been some backlash, but overall, the name will stick. Considering the VXA version is a fresh start, it's a good chance anyway.

Yeah, sucks about adding any puzzle filled themes to the dungeons anymore due to time restraints and what not, but I would still like having the off beaten paths offer you some new weapons, items, maybe even facing a gauntlet of enemies in order to nab something really cool. like what Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest did with those stupid battlefields. I suppose if you drop it in favor of keeping things a bit easier on you, then that’s fine.

Actually, the VXA version of SEM will of course have progression and incentives to fight, level, and get stronger. Symbol Maps will also have more active elements. So while it won't be exactly like a good old classic RPG dungeon, it won't just be smooth sailing through a bunch of nodes with little challenge.

No need to worry, I /tried/ to think of most everything. Even without direct puzzles and maps.

Sacred Earth: Promise Review

Thank you for the review. It was certainly entertaining to read, and you make some good points that I'm currently in the process of addressing. However...

I still don't understand the issue with Gunnar. Playing SEB and then SEM to compare both iterations, they're literally written the same way. He's been sarcastic, cautious, and level headed since SEB and that hasn't changed. He's also not manly by any stretch of the word. He's just..Gunnar! 8V

The gameplay mechanics changes though, you have a point on. I certainly won't apologize for making the game easier to make for myself, but I do acknowledge that it might be jarring for those who played SEB, or followed early SEM through development. The fact of the matter is that I just don't have the motivation or manpower to make puzzle filled dungeons anymore. Though I do love my puzzle filled dungeons, it's not feasible to make just by myself, while also making good time on progress overall.

That being said, I am doing my best to provide an alternative, even if it's not the exact same. Only time will tell how it turns out!

Thanks again, both for the review, and for keeping up with my rocky development history, haha.

Sacred Earth: Promise Review

Oh, I didn't even notice this review at first. I was wonder how SEP managed to make it back up into the buzzing section, haha.

Thank you for the well thought out review! You make some good points and I'll definitely be using this information when I continue my work. I'm glad you enjoyed the game for the most part!

Morphos Metaphor: Penumbral Psychosis Review

Thank you for the review. I(and my team mates of course) appreciate it. I definitely acknowledge the points made here.

- Playing through myself, I did realize that the RNG was kind of a bitch. Especially seeing multi-hit skills miss for every hit. Or just hit for one, and other such nonsense.

- Displaying states is definitely something I need to look into as well. I sort of ran out of space in the HUD, but I think I'll be redesigning it to fit that in next time.

- The enemy variety definitely needs to be more varied. That's something that will likely be addressed if there is another game.

- Being a non-scripter, some errors just completely eluded me during development. And in the time frame I had, all I could do was hope they didn't crop up. But I'll try and have those addressed for next time.

- Displaying Elemental Attributes is a good idea. That's something I definitely need to include for next time.

- And the difficulty disparity between normal encounters and bosses needs to be addressed for sure.

- Combo Skills need to be better conveyed, yes. I'll deliberate on some way to put them across better for next time.

- As for the characters and story; yes they come from an already established RP group. This game is a single dislocated chapter in it's story. So the rest of the chapters don't exist as games right now. But that's an interesting idea...

- I actually tried to follow SMT Nocturne as much as I could for the gameplay. I probably went a bit too far, ahaha. My bad!

If I ever do another chapter as a game, I'll definitely try to address all of these points. Thanks for playing!

Oracle of Tao Review

I see the action canceling bug is present here too. I am simultaneously glad to know I'm not alone, and sorry that it's happening here too, haha.

Valkyrie Stories - Escallion Rising Review

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