Sacred Earth: Memory
After a mysterious tower suddenly appears, stretching endlessly to the heavens, a group of friends choose to set foot inside, and investigate just what it's appearance means for their future.



Morphos Metaphor: Dark Rebellion

- Unskippable/unfastforwardable intro = Me walking off to do something else till it's done and I get control.

I don't think this one can be helped. We had to set up the narrative somehow. Though I guess I could have made the last line shorter in duration, in retrospect, hehe.

- I get the feeling you're making the maps really dark to 'hide' the enemy encounters + promote atmosphere. Counter-arguments: I've learned that it's better to 'let' the player decide if they want to fight encounters or not, so better not to hide them. Having things so dark also makes it tough to see where it's possible to walk.

Not so much to hide the encounters as to just promote atmosphere. I tried to placed lights down in a fashion that lit the way for the player to go at least most of the way. The shadows being hard to see was a side effect of the atmosphere, as well as them being...well, black!

I didn't think too much about it when I was making it, but now I do realize that was a bit of a bad oversight.

- Battles are nice and flashy, as expected of a Skie. I like the design of the hud, but think you threw too many options at the player all at once (noticed this problem too with your previous MM game too). Better to start off with only a few abilities, and explain what's going on with combo system, what's the difference of going with one attack vs another.

Ah, yes. This seems to be an ongoing problem of mine. It seems to happen subconsciously at this point. Though, this was made in a month and the total playtime is rather paltry, so splitting things up probably wouldn't have worked that well. At least for chain attacks. Enemies don't progress enough(Or at all) to justify unlocking higher tiers of attacks like a typical RPG in any case.

Though, I do agree in retrospect that perhaps bordering off some of those tactical skills by level would have been helpful to easing their introduction in.

- I died in an encounter with... I think it was a gray woman centaur thing? It was the second battle I did, and I did buff def/debuffed her atk. Probably not a good idea to have something that nasty so early on.

That was Tiamat I believe. She's the worst of the enemy spread. Perhaps I should I have confined encountering her to the building. Hrm.


I didn't draw the character portraits, partner did. But she's also not very 'girly', so you're at least partially justified.

Morphos Metaphor: Dark Rebellion

No download. Is it really complete, or is it just upoading? This game looks really cool!

This was accepted overnight, so the download has been added now. Sorry for the wait.


That was so tryhard that I wound up laughing instead of cringing. ...Man. I think that about sums up what I think about this game by itself. I sincerely hope this is some sort of elaborate satire because it's hilarious.

Edit: Now that my amusement has died down; as a game, it actually looks rather solid, I have to say. Yes, the theme is ridiculous, but it

Star Ocean Battle System for Rpg Maker Xp

I remember seeing a thread for one years ago at some old forum called......Dubealex or whatever. ...But I don't ever remember it being up to a functional level.

T-this is actually the first blog post about Lunatic Dream (and it's about failure woo)

I messed around and explored, fought up to level 5 before getting a graphics error that booted me. The aesthetics and presentation are amazing as usual. You have great design sense.

Now for the full course!

What's the stupidest/silliest thing you've purposefully implemented in your game?

Not much more than just lots of dumb jokes and silly interactions between the cast over the course of the game. Angelic Awakening especially had a bunch packed into the demo back then. SEM was a runner up for that as well. I don't really do anything more than that though. Maybe I take gam mak too seriously.

Eremidia: An Empty Tome

Okay, I finished up act 1. You've got a good thing going here. The battle system is really fun, and it reminds me of games like Mana Khemia, Radiant Historia, and Ar Tonelico 2 what with the turns, the timing, and the grid. Things could stand to be a little more challenging I think.

Though that might just be me, as I never slipped on any of the timed hit prompts at all. Still it felt like most enemies weren't hitting hard enough. You get enough resources back during and after battle to warrant a slight boost in enemy challenge, in my opinion.

Party Overview

This was my party at the end of the dungeon. I really like Marvel actually. He doesn't have any fancy sword skills, but stack on Focus, Charge, and Metabolic Boost, and he did truckloads of damage with just his normal attack. It was great. Though the other swordsman types probably can do more than him. I dunno, I thought his skillset was charming.

Ryuna, I just really like as a character, but her skillset was also actually useful. Breath of Fire(I see what you did there), and Nella's Magic Missle were enough to take out most groups of enemies before they even got to move. Plus Shift Stance, Metabolic Boost, and then Normal Melee Attack/Dance of The Dragon was a pretty fearsome combo.

Nina I kept around mostly as the token mage. I liked her skillset more than Iuna's anyway. Telekinesis did tons of damage at higher skill levels PLUS splash damage. It was hilarious. The shock over time passive effect she has for her lightning spells is also wildly useful. Helped me out during the last battle.

And finally Nella. I thought she was going to be a typical squishy healer at first, but I was surprised how useful her normal attack is. And Magic Missile is a really good offensive spell. She can basically go in any party formation and she won't be out of place, or without something to do. She's a really well designed healer, I think.

And that's all. I really like the hero collection aspect of the game and the various skillsets they have. The fact that equipment is so interchangeable and they all have such neat effects to help you round out your character builds just makes it even better. Everything compliments each other really well, and by the end, I was only disappointed that there wasn't more content to play.

I'll be eagerly awaiting Acts II and III.

[RMVX ACE] ATB Battle System Scripts?

Moghunter has a pretty robust ATB from what I can tell. You'll have to do some editing to clear away his garish GUIs and positioning, but nonetheless, it's there.

And then there's C Winter's ATB. Never used it, so I can't tell how compatible it is with things. Plus it's japanese, so that might be another hurdle to use. Worth checking at the very least.

Victor has an ATB too, but it requires a base module which might clash even more with the plethora of other things that you may be using.

And Yami has an one, but I don't think it's still supported. Plus is requires YF's battle engine, which may or may not be a problem.

Pick your poison.