Sacred Earth: Memory
After a mysterious tower suddenly appears, stretching endlessly to the heavens, a group of friends choose to set foot inside, and investigate just what it's appearance means for their future.




Looking between the two, he remapped it using virtually similar tiles(or the same tileset more like). So I guess it's like... map tracing? Like, some tile counts are off, and the waterfalls are different, and there are objects placed differently.

But it's almost identical otherwise. Which is a no-no regardless.

What an odd thing to think about in 2018. Stolen maps using mostly illegal rips in the first place, being unearthed years later, haha.


Zack is such a two timer. Fusing with all these girls. :V




I feel like an opportunity was missed, not naming the items after something in-world, but I can understand and appreciate the minimalist approach. Easy to understand and less work sussing out graphics and text in custom systems.

Does anyone remember GamingGroundZero? (Remembering GamingGroundZero)

I actually managed to register for GGZ and get into their forums by just showing off some sprites. Wishmoo seemed to really like me and was all preparing to make me a resource section on the main site.

I sort of drifted away because I only went there to see what the place was like myself, after all the shit talk it got on other communities. What I found was a fairly insular, and not nearly as active as anywhere else forum frequented by the same few people patting each other on the back.

Not sure why such a place became so derided. ...Well, I do actually. But still.

Adding a Codex/Encyclopedia: A good idea?

As long as you don't pull an FFXIII with the Datalogs, you're good.

Final Fantasy XV

From what I understand, all of that city footage was cut and put into Kingsglaive. Noctis and his buddies were shunted out onto a field trip to miss the whole thing, while Nomura's initial designs were to have them in the thick of the Niflheim invasion.

It's a bit more boring imo, and it cuts out a huge chunk of the backstory to a movie you'll have to pay to see. But heeeey.

Rise of the Third Power

That is very true. It's a good design! I'm glad you're making things original where you can. It's just a bit surprising because Masaki Andoh's face has been attributed to Siren's character for so long in my mind. We'll all have to get used to it.

Rise of the Third Power

*stares at the gamepage header*

Siren sure changed a bunch, didn't he? :V

Sacred Earth: Memory

Thank you for playing.

There are still too many things keeping me away from this project in any form, but I hope to continue it one day.