Sacred Earth: Memory
After a mysterious tower suddenly appears, stretching endlessly to the heavens, a group of friends choose to set foot inside, and investigate just what it's appearance means for their future.



Sacred Earth: Memory | RSW Demo Playthrough

Oh boy, this was a nostalgia trip of epic proportions. I just stayed up all night watching an LP of my own game being played.

Thank you for doing this. It makes me sad that I can't continue developing this version of the game legally. I have a lot of love for it, and watching it being played warmed my heart, I can't lie.

Though I also cringe at my old writing. But some moments made me smile and laugh. Those were good old days. Hopefully I can release the expanded version of SEP sooner rather than later.

Anyway, thank you. Hope you had fun!

[RM2K3 PATCH] PicsInBattle/PicPointers (for v1.11)

Is there a patch for that or is it DynRPG related?

It appears to be a DynRPG plugin. Made by PepsiOtaku at that. I forgot that little detail. Props to him all over again. This patch single handedly saved my entire battle system back in the day.

[RM2K3 PATCH] PicsInBattle/PicPointers (for v1.11)


If it were again made possible to store the database ID of a skill inside of a variable, then the 2k3 version of SEM would suddenly become viable again. :|a

But great work on this so far. Just these two open up a bunch of doors for people.

Fake Happy End


Fake Happy End

A Neok game? Instant subscribe.

I look forward to this.

Rise of the Third Power

...I remember making battle sprites for this centuries ago.

Good to see it's back on.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Pixels. My old nemesis.

As An Adult, Do You Find Yourself Playing More Video Games At This Age Or Less?

Way, way, waaaaay less.

When I was a kid, we had a nintendo, and then a super nintendo, but I had to share with three other siblings, so I never actually got to play anything, just watch. Grandma also decided videogames were stupid and expensive, so we missed the PS1 era entirely. Once highschool came around, we got a PS2, and while I still had to share, my sibling's interests veered away from games. That left me with more time on the system, and I found myself playing a lot of JRPGs, many of which influenced my game design philosophy today.

Anywho, fast forward to now, and I find myself with absolutely no time to sit down in front of a TV and hold a controller for hours. It feels like a waste of time to me, when I could be on my computer, getting other work done. When I game, it's usually in short bursts on the 3DS, or a casual session on a steam game. I can't keep up with the console nonsense anymore.

Though I will make exceptions for favorite series like Tales of, Persona, Fighting Games, Star Ocean, etc. Otherwise, lots and lots of games just pass me by now.

Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle

I've been following this ever since it was called Crisis Meteor. Seeing it improve so much over the years is kind of a treat.

Nocturne: Rebirth (English)

Yeah I couldn't find it either. Free's old site is nonexistent. All I've seen of it was a screenshot on Es Laf's 'history' page. :(

It looks like it might be fun. It's got a custom battle system and all.

Edit: Yeah this is all that can be found of it. Though I guess if you have a twitter account, you can always ask Free if he still has it personally. 8D