Sacred Earth: Memory
After a mysterious tower suddenly appears, stretching endlessly to the heavens, a group of friends choose to set foot inside, and investigate just what it's appearance means for their future.



P5 Blog #15 P6's graphic direction.


I don't think it's a problem if you use FSM for the field side of things, and your usual Phantasia battle sprite style for battles. I know FSM has a load of material out there ready to use, mix, and match.

I just want a new Phantasia, okay

[RMVX ACE] How do I make random numbers truly random?

To avoid having back to back identical results, I tend to store the resulting number into a variable, and then the next round, I run a conditional that checks to see if the current result is the same as the recorded number. If they're the same, reroll, if not, then it continues, and that result is recorded for checking next time.

[Sharing] Give Away Your Extra Programs/Games/etc

Updated my List. Luna Engine, VXACE Deluxe, Game Character Hub, Goats on a Bridge, Remnants of Isolation, and Last Word are gone.

[Sharing] Give Away Your Extra Programs/Games/etc

why did you buy the humble bundle then?

Honestly, I have no idea. :D

It was a random impulse. I guess I got RM2k out of it. And some misc programs that I do want to try. But the rest of that stuff is nope.

[Sharing] Give Away Your Extra Programs/Games/etc

Oh good. I was wondering what I was going to do with all these programs and games I don't need.

Please free me of all these keys
- Axis Game Factory: AGFPRO v3.0
- Axis Game Factory: Drone Kombat
- Axis Game Factory: AGFPRO Premium DLC
- Axis Game Factory: AGFPRO Voxelsculpt
- Axis Game Factory: AGFPRO Zombie Survival Pack
- Axis Game Factory: AGFPRO Zombie FPS
- Game Guru
- Game Guru: Mega Pack 1
- Game Guru: Buildings Pack
- Game Guru: Death Valley Pack
- Game Guru: Megapack 2
- Game Guru: Fantasy Pack
- Game Guru: Megapack 3
- RPG Maker: VX Ace Deluxe
- RPG Maker: Luna Engine

- Game Character Hub
- App Game Kit 2
- Remnants of Isolation
- Last Word

- Labyrinthine Dreams
- Aveyond: Lord of Twilight
- Goats On A Bridge
- Whisper Of A Rose

I have no idea what half of this stuff even is. And the other half, I don't have much time to spend playing games, so hah.

LLR VX Blog # 20 (Newest planned game cancelled.)

Oh man, you should have turned that crap off first thing. It already lags on saving too. I'm surprised you dealt with it for that long.

Just go to the steam client, right click on VXA, hit properties, updates, then uncheck 'enable steam cloud'.

Never let this happen again. Sorry, man *pats*

Nessy Art Practice

you forgot the bouquet of mushrooms

The most important part.

Morphos Metaphor: Penumbral Psychosis

I'm glad you had fun! It was a short, one month project, so it's not the most balanced, but we put our hearts into it.

Thanks for playing!

John Artwork 2015

Nice to see his ridiculous hair got reasonable, heh.

Morphos Metaphor: Penumbral Psychosis

Marquis has no weaknesses. Just a resistance to Dark. Just use your skills and do your best. If you know any skill combos, be sure to use them, as he doesn't resist anything but Dark.